College Students Taught to Say ‘Y’all’ Instead of He/She in Pronoun Sensitivity Class

The term “y’all” was once the epitome of a speech pattern belonging to the unlearned. A colloquial expression of stereotypically illiterate people in the Deep South (an unfair but common stereotype), using the term would at one time get you flunked from any college grammar class. Now, public universities are teaching students to use the term in order to avoid gender-specific pronouns.

As One News Now reports, San Diego State University students have been instructed to avoid the “insensitive” and gross words like “he” and “she” and instead use the hillbilly “y’all.”

This trend was actually popularized in a social media campaign by the Southern Poverty Law Center – a left-of-center hate group – in order to be inclusive of all the imaginary genders.

The class was called Pronoun Sensitivity 101 and was held on November 20, which is “Transgender Awareness Day” (hint: we’re always aware of “transgender” because they stand out like a sore thumb).

According to the College Fix, “The event, hosted by Wesley Palau, coordinator of SDSU’s Pride Center, and Miles Reyes, part of the Pride Center’s media team, spent time teaching students how to use language that is inclusive of transgender people. It lasted for about half an hour and was sparsely attended.”

The students were told not to use the word “guys” when addressing a group of people, and instead use terms such as “y’all” or “folks.” Other suggestions included using the term “they” instead of “he” or “she.”

Some argued that “It is grammatically incorrect to refer to a single person as ‘they’ but the presenters reassured students that classical grammar rules would have to change to accommodate people confused about their gender.”

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