‘Transgender’ ‘Latina’ ‘ELCA’ ‘Pastor,’ Calls Jesus ‘Son of a B_____.’

Garcia (left), Nadia Bolz-Weber (right), obviously emasculated man (center)

Scare quotes should be used infrequently, but nearly every word in this article’s title requires one.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of American (ELCA) is not evangelical, not Lutheran (in any meaningful sense) and is not a church. No one in the history of mankind has every transitioned their gender. A Hispanic man is a Latino and not a “Latina.” And unconverted lost people with gender dysphoria, homosexuality, and general unrepentant wickedness aren’t “pastors.”

However, the Westview Church of Boulder, Colorado claims to be an ELCA church that has hired the denomination’s first transgender Latina pastor. He goes by the name “Nicole Garcia,” although his parents probably didn’t name him Nicole and it is as made up as his confession of faith.

Mr. Garcia has “hands laid upon him” by a bunch of apostate clergy in an ordination ritual

Garcia told NBC News, “Nobody can question my faith, my devotion to Christ, my devotion to the church. That’s why I’m the pastor here.”

[Editor’s Note: We question his faith, devotion to Christ, and devotion to the church.]

Garcia explained that he was raised Roman Catholic and then left church for 20 years to pursue alcohol and homosexuality. Then, eventually settling upon a woman, his marriage fell apart. It was then that he reports having a “come-to-Jesus” moment where he called Jesus a “son of a b—h.”

“I had my come-to-Jesus moment. It wasn’t one of those, “Oh please, oh please, help me. It was more, ‘Alright you son of a b—h, if I’m going to come back, you better step it up this time.’”

Garcia then went to a gender-dysphoria encouragement group where he was invited to attend the apostate ELCA church, where he immediately felt at home.

And now, he’s the “pastor.”