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Hillsong Christmas Musical Trailer Depicts Jesus Born in a Bar

Increasingly, Hillsong Church’s Christmas musical productions seem to break the blasphemy barrier of the year before. In 2015, Hillsong made international news for a “Sleazy Night” Christmas special, which was a cabaret and burlesque-type...

Hillsong Promoting Sex Pervert at Women’s Conference

**Update: See also Hillsong, NY, featuring Dancing Naked Cowboy on stage. Hillsong, the worldwide leader in Jesus-themed music, has recently taken their approach to human sexuality to a new level. Adding to their general...

Michael Brown is An Apologist for the Devil

Michael Brown is a popular ‘Christian’ apologist who is right on some issues, but damnably wrong on others. But more than anything, Michael Brown is an apologist for the worst and most extreme occultism...