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Hillsong Christmas Musical Trailer Depicts Jesus Born in a Bar

Increasingly, Hillsong Church’s Christmas musical productions seem to break the blasphemy barrier of the year before. In 2015, Hillsong made international news for a “Sleazy Night” Christmas special, which was a cabaret and burlesque-type show that incorporated Christmas hymns. At the time, charismatic apologist, Michael Brown, defended Hillsong from critics, claiming that they meant well  … Read more

Hillsong ‘Worship’ Concert Includes Women on Stage, Writhing in Towels

Video and freeze-frames from a recent Hillsong music conference reveal a dance number that includes women writhing about sexily in the near-nude, only covered by bath towels. This isn’t the first time that Hillsong has confused worship with flesh-peddling. Hillsong has repeatedly used naked or near-naked performers to entertain their (mostly) lost audiences. In 2016, … Read more

Hillsong Follows Sleazy Christmas Special With Another Sensuality Show

In 2015, Hillsong performed their now-infamous “Sleazy Night” Christmas program. Steven Kozar at Pirate Christian Radio wrote… Aesthetically, it’s just weird, confusing and embarrassing. Hillsong Music Director: “Hey everybody, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s take the beloved and peaceful Christmas hymn ‘Silent Night’ and turn it into a loud, obnoxious, roaring twenties style, Las Vegas big-band … Read more

Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz says ‘Churches Might be one of the Biggest Propagators of Racist Ideology’

In a candid interview with NFL linebacker-turned-ESPN pundit Emmanuel Acho on his YouTube series Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, Hillsong Pastor Carl Lenz describes the church as being possibly one of the biggest propagators of racist ideology in the world where racism undoubtedly permeates every part of the church. When asked by Acho why … Read more

Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Interviews Trinity-Denier T.D. Jakes in Lieu of Church Service

Hillsong NYC, under the direction of Carl Lentz, chose to forgo a service on Sunday where he preached the word of God from the scriptures to his congregation, but rather invited Bishop T.D Jakes to have a conversation about the pandemic, the killing of George Floyd, racial reconciliation, and the riots happening in the streets. … Read more

Former Hillsong Worship ‘Pastor’ Darlene Zschech Sells Oceanside Mansion for $4.4 Million

World-renowned worship leader Darlene Zschech, famous for being the face of Hillsong Worship and writing the worship standard “Shout to the Lord”, has sold her oceanside mansion for over $4,000,000. The best-selling musician made her home alongside Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston at Hillsong Church for over 25 years, serving as “worship pastor” of the … Read more

Justin Bieber Leads Worship at Hillsong Affiliate Church

Last Wednesday, Hollywood pop sensation, Justin Bieber, led worship at Hillsong affiliate, ChurchHome, in Beverly Hills. ChurchHome, formerly known as The City Church, is the home of celebrity pastor, Judah Smith. Bieber took to the stage at the congregation to sing the theoerotic song, “Reckless Love,” an ooey-gooey romantic ode to God that sounds like … Read more

Hillsong’s Christmas Flesh Parade Continues

Hillsong is incorrigibly lascivious and they put their worldliness on display each Christmas season by productions that are a unique vaguely theistic blend between Cirque de Soleil and a Victoria’s Secret runway show. This year is no exception, as Bobbie Houston’s Instagram reveals. Houston posted the photos of barely clad dancers and body contortionists on … Read more

Hillsong Continues with Carnal Christmas Displays

[Church Watch Central] How does the Bible proclaim our Saviour’s birth?  In Luke 2:1-20 we read: “In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. This was the first registration when Quirinius was governor of Syria. And all went to be registered, each to his own town. … Read more

Hillsong L.A. to Worship in Facility Decorated with Depictions of Child Sacrifice

Hillsong Church, the global charismatic prosperity cult headquartered in Australia and headed-up by a pedophile-protecting charlatan, will be observing Christmas worship in a facility that is decorated with scenes of child sacrifice. A concerned reader who recently attended Hillsong Church for the sake of evangelism has reported that they are now beginning to meet periodically … Read more

Hillsong Says to Celebrate Halloween. Here Are Ten Godly Reasons Not To

In a recent message, Nathan Finochio, pastor at Hillsong “church” gave ten reasons why you should celebrate Halloween. His piece shows a deep lack of discernment. In response, one ought to note significant godly reasons for not celebrating this so-called holiday. First, let us see Finochio’s list: 1. Don’t instill fear of the world. 2. … Read more

Hillsong Pastor, Judah Smith, Says Jesus Was a Feminist

Apparently, all it takes to be considered a “feminist” (at least to Judah Smith) is for Jesus to have been kind to women and have female friends. Full of historic inaccuracies, Hillsong’s Judah Smith explains why he thinks Jesus was a feminist in the video below. Smith overlooked the fact that of twelve disciples, Jesus … Read more

Hillsong MegaChurch Turned into Actual Circus

Back in the 19th century, the famous ‘Prince of Preachers’, Charles Haddon Spurgeon offered this frightful prediction: “A time will come when instead of shepherds feeding the sheep, the church will have clowns entertaining the goats.” Fast forward to the 21st century Spurgeon’s discerning prediction has come to pass, with the goats coming in droves, cheering the clowns … Read more

Hillsong Writer Marty Sampson Renounces His Faith on Instagram

Marty Sampson has become a mirror of his god for all on Instagram to observe: blind, groping, and dumb. The songwriter for the “Christian” band Hillsong, recently announced his hardened disbelief on Instagram. Sampson’s song lyrics have been broadcasting his rejection of the true and living God found in the Bible for years, but gullible Evangelicals … Read more