Hillsong L.A. to Worship in Facility Decorated with Depictions of Child Sacrifice

Mayan human sacrifice

Hillsong Church, the global charismatic prosperity cult headquartered in Australia and headed-up by a pedophile-protecting charlatan, will be observing Christmas worship in a facility that is decorated with scenes of child sacrifice.

A concerned reader who recently attended Hillsong Church for the sake of evangelism has reported that they are now beginning to meet periodically for worship at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles, moving from the Belasco Theater. The service was moved to the Mayan Theater the Sunday prior to Halloween and is again scheduled at the theater for their always controversial flesh-driven Christmas special. But this year, they’re throwing in some child sacrifice decorations for the festive occasion.

The Mayan Theater is a nightclub in downtown Los Angeles and was built in 1927. In keeping with the Mayan theme, the facility boasts wall decorations, sculptures, and statues that include depictions of pagan priests sacrificing children.

This is one such example of a pagan Mayan god accepting the sacrifice of a human child, skewered on a stick, which lines the walls of the facility.

[Sorry, the copyright owner asked us to delete the photo, probably at the request of Hillsong. His name is Mike Hume, email is Mike@MikeHume.com]

The facility is full of pagan imagery and the sacrifices for which the Mayans were characteristically known.

The facility is designed as an eye-catching, mesmerizing experience.

Most evenings, the facility is turned into a nightclub where the most unspeakable acts of debauchery take place.

It is fitting that Hillsong would worship in such an environment and among their gods of the flesh.

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