Justin Bieber Leads Worship at Hillsong Affiliate Church

Last Wednesday, Hollywood pop sensation, Justin Bieber, led worship at Hillsong affiliate, ChurchHome, in Beverly Hills. ChurchHome, formerly known as The City Church, is the home of celebrity pastor, Judah Smith.

Bieber took to the stage at the congregation to sing the theoerotic song, “Reckless Love,” an ooey-gooey romantic ode to God that sounds like it was written to a lover. Beiber also sang”Good Good Father” and “Sinking Deep” while squealing fans writhed to the tunes.

Reported by Charisma Mag, Bieber told the crowd to “vibe” with the music, “Vibe. Be in your own zone (with God) and vibe.”

Reportedly, Bieber hesitated to take the stage because he didn’t want it to be “like a show” but Pastor Judah Smith “shared how he and the church were willing to take the risk because of their love for Bieber” and “shared how Bieber’s story, which has been played out before the whole world, is one of great redemption.”

Bieber then took off with celebrity friend, Jaden Smith (pictured below).

Bieber has been in the news most recently for being thousands of dollars behind in tax payments.