Man Rides Horse Into Church, Hilariously Falls Off. But It Wasn’t Kanye As Some Reported

When you turn church into a production, there’s bound to be some glitches. For some reason or another, a man was dressed in a white robe and wore a crown on his head while riding a horse into a church service. That’s when he promptly fell off the horse.

Articles like that at the American Mirror claimed the man in the footage was Kanye West, and the video went viral over the weekend. It’s title was “Kanye West Tumbles Off Horse During Church Production.”

A video entitled “Kanye Rides Horse In Church And Falls Off” shows the man galloping into the mostly darker-skinned congregation only to unceremoniously fumble off the steed.

Watch below.

It turns out, it wasn’t Kanye.

Mrs. Kardashian West said it was not Kanye and not the Sunday Service choir via Twitter, saying the stories needed to be fact-checked.

Kanye seems to be doing a lot of dumb stuff lately, including partnering in various ways with religious charlatans like Joel Osteen. Thankfully, riding a horse into church depicted as a king isn’t one of them.

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