Hillsong Pastor, Judah Smith, Says Jesus Was a Feminist

Apparently, all it takes to be considered a “feminist” (at least to Judah Smith) is for Jesus to have been kind to women and have female friends.

Full of historic inaccuracies, Hillsong’s Judah Smith explains why he thinks Jesus was a feminist in the video below.

Smith overlooked the fact that of twelve disciples, Jesus did not choose a single woman. Neither did Smith point out that of 70 witnesses sent out by Jesus, not a single one was a woman.

Neither did Smith try to distinguish between First, Second, and Third Wave feminism, which is common today. Essentially, Smith used “feminist” as a synonym for “not a chauvinist.”

Smith went on to say that women should be top leaders in the church, something explicitly taught against in the Holy Bible, before acknowledging that his wife wore the pants in his family…which explains why he wears skinny jeans, I guess.