Report: Trump Refused to Let Hillsong Cult Leader, Brian Houston, Visit White House

Australia’s Prime Minister was offered an invitation to a Rose Garden dinner party hosted by the Trump White House and given a “plus 1” to bring along a friend. The PM chose Hillsong’s pastor, Brian Houston. However, Houston was rejected by the White House and told PM Morrison that Houston was unwelcome on the premises.

Bible-believing Christians in Australia are terrified by a happy-happy fun-time worship cult named Hillsong, which has spread its tentacles as far away as New York and Los Angeles. The music-centered Arian Snare cult uses elaborate music and choreography, along with a vague and generalized prosperity-laden theism to attract throngs of followers. Among many influential leaders who have been mind-melded by this cult (in the way that Scientology has taken over much of Hollywood) include Australia’s own Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

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Morrison has prayed at Hillsong events, and worldwide discernment ministries are concerned that Morrison is an agent for Hillsong and the New Apostolic Reformation, exercising what charismatic believers called the Seven Mountain Mandate to take over various aspects of culture, including government. Conspiracies aside, there is no doubt that Morrison is politically the most powerful NAR-affiliated leader in the world.

According to The Guardian, the White House declined Morrison’s request.

Houston, the founder of the evangelical Hillsong Church, failed to alert the police about allegations his father, Frank, had sexually assaulted children, and had a conflict of interest when he assumed responsibility for dealing with the accusations, according to the findings of the 2014 royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse. Frank Houston abused up to nine boys in Australia and New Zealand and, in its final report, the royal commission found multiple failings within the church executive – at the time led by Brian – in responding.

When asked about the allegation that Morrison asked for Houston to attend at Trump said no (originally reported in the Wall Street Journal), Morrison’s office issued a statement saying…

“Invitations to the state dinner are entirely at the discretion of the White House and, as has been the case previously, is expected to include people from all walks of life from politics to sport to business, entertainment, science and technology and religion.”

That Morrison would neither confirm nor deny the report by the Wall Street Journal has led most to presume it’s true.

Brian Houston has denied he was ever invited to the White House. But, Houston lies all the time, so you probably shouldn’t weigh that much into your consideration when evaluating the reporting.

According to some sources, the Trump White House did not deny Morrison’s request to bring along Houston because of his cult-leader status or his involvement in a severe abuse cover-up. Rather, U.S. intelligence red-flagged Houston’s attendance because of his close relationship with political leaders across the world and is largely seen as an “influencer” of politicians around the globe, including over some leaders that do not necessarily serve the best interest of the United States.

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