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Update: ‘Relevant Magazine’ CEO Steps Down For Not Being Relevant Enough

Wokeness is relevance in stylish evangelicalism. After it was reported that Cameron Strang, founder and CEO of Relevant Magazine and son of Charisma Magazine CEO, Stephen Strang, was less-than-woke, the beast of political correctness he worked so tirelessly to create in the laboratory of public opinion eventually turned on him. Strang has now stepped down from his position at Relevant Magazine.

The problems began when two former employees of Relevant Magazine complained about Strang’s alleged “racism” for not highlighting an African American woman at the front of the magazine, but putting her in the back and also making a comment about not selling as many issues as they expected because the readership doesn’t want to look at scary-looking black men on the cover (which we reported here).

Relevant’s chief schtick is making much of contemporary pop-culture and wedding it with shallow Christian thoughts, modeling itself as an evangelical imitation of Rolling Stone magazine. Black people are regularly featured on the cover (its current cover features a Canadian of Jamaican descent, as an example), but no matter the wokeness of its content, the allegations were enough to force Strang to step down.

As reported by Religion News Service (RNS)…

The founder and CEO of Relevant magazine is “stepping away” from the evangelical Christian publication just days after several former staffers raised concerns about his past behavior, which they described as racially insensitive and toxic.

Relevant founder Cameron Strang announced his leave of absence in a post published on the magazine’s website on Monday afternoon (Sept. 23). He did not dispute the accounts of former staffers and apologized for his past actions, which he repeatedly described as toxic.

The Popularity Gospel is a dangerous thing, and it’s design is to divide. No matter how woke you are, you can never be woke enough.

The poetic justice here is palpable.

[Editor’s Note: The original title said Strang was fired. In fact, he “stepped aside” for a time, with his role being TBD. It has been amended accordingly]