Ironic: Woke “Relevant Magazine” CEO Accused by Staff of Racism and Bigotry

The magazine was ‘woke’ before it was cool.

Relevant Magazine is a ‘woke’ evangelical news publication, whose primary journalistic purpose is making cultural worldliness theologically palpable. The progressive-liberal religious magazine, who according to Alexa stats shares Popularity Gospel sites Desiring God and The Gospel Coalition as its top referrers, was pushing wokeness before it was cool. However, as ironic as Justin Trudeau in blackface, Relevant‘s founder, Cameron Strang, is accused of being a racist.

Sometimes when you make a monster, as did Dr. Frankenstein, it comes for you, too.

Andre Henry, the managing editor for Relevant Magazine – a decreasingly relevant publication that steadily lags behind Pulpit & Pen in readership – recently told Religion News Service (RNS) that Strang censored articles about African Americans during Black History Month and refused to let a black woman be prominently featured in the magazine.

Another editor, Ryan Hamm, reported the same allegations of racism against Strang, quoting him as saying, “Maybe our audience doesn’t want to see scary black men on the cover” after an edition with black men on the cover didn’t sell as many copies as expected.

Henry, the aforementioned editor, said, “They have done well at appearing to be about racial justice. They post the right things. They say the right things. They make sure that they have a good mix of people of color in the magazine and on the web, but I don’t think that in their practices as an organization that they honor people of color in that way.”

Relevant claimed that it would do better in a statement.

Relevant Magazine wrote a hit-piece against the Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, Montana, whose pastor is the publisher of Pulpit & Pen, after they voted to leave the Southern Baptist Convention over its abandonment of the Gospel for Social Religion. Hilariously in hindsight, Relevant Magazine cited SBC leaders in the ERLC claiming they have “not heard anyone complain” about Social Justice in the SBC.

If this were any other publication besides Evangelicalism’s preeminent woke tabloid, Relevant would be calling for the resignation of Cameron Strang.

It does indeed seem from information provided by RNS that Relevant Magazine has only embraced Social Justice because it seems like a “relevant” trend and is momentarily popular, while its CEO has very much maintained White Privilege and inherently racist ideas of his own.

Cameron Strang is the son of Stephen Strang, the founder and CEO of the wildly charismatic Charisma Magazine. Ironically, Charisma Magazine, run by Strang’s father, has a remarkedly more conservative view of Social Justice than his allegedly racist son.

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