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Hillsong’s Christmas Flesh Parade Continues

Hillsong is incorrigibly lascivious and they put their worldliness on display each Christmas season by productions that are a unique vaguely theistic blend between Cirque de Soleil and a Victoria’s Secret runway show. This year is no exception, as Bobbie Houston’s Instagram reveals.

Houston posted the photos of barely clad dancers and body contortionists on her Instagram from Hillsong’s Christmas extravaganza.

Houston, posting a photo of a fire-eater, actually said, “Who needs to go to Vegas, right?”

Who needs to go to Vegas, right?

Right. Who needs to go to Sin City when you have a Hillsong cult down the street?

What any of this has to do with the Incarnation of the Son of God, born of a virgin, conceived of the Holy Ghost, and laid in a manger, nobody really knows. At Hillsong, Christmas isn’t a time to have a Silent Night and Holy Night, but a time to show off its production skills for scores of lost people so they can be entertained straight into hell without having to think about the Christ child.

In other years, we have reported on a Hillsong production depicting Jesus born in a riotous bar, Hillsong’s sensuality Christmas show with fleshly dancers, the Hillsong show with women writhing in nothing but towels, and their infamous ‘Silent Night Sleazy Night’ Christmas special from several years ago.