Beth Moore’s Daughter, Kyle J. Howard Weep/Rejoice Pulpit & Pen Censored by Twitter

Social Justice advocates who have abandoned the Gospel for social religion, Beth Moore’s daughter and (fake ex-gang member) Kyle J. Howard, rejoiced with weeping and praised God for the censorship of Pulpit & Pen by the tech giant, Twitter.

Niko Kampouris, whose Twitter profile links a Christian and Artist Collective (and ostensibly, a skinny jean commune) in the Louisville area that cites the gay ‘Christian’ journalist Jonathan Merritt (who has endorsed drag queen storytime), apparently made a request to Twitter to flag Pulpit & Pen for violating “Twitter Rules.”

We are unaware what post Kampouris sought the shelter of his social media safe space for, but it could have been anything from deadnaming (which we do all the time) to general political incorrectness.

This isn’t the first time people have tried this approach. Leftists, anti-Christians, and Social Justice Warriors (but I repeat myself) embracing social religion often seek appeal to the technocracy to silence their opponents. Kyle J. Howard – who made up a fake life story about his “racial trauma” victimization and having been in the Crips gang – has repeatedly asked Facebook and Twitter to ban us for putting out a 2k bounty on any information that could substantiate his testimony. His friends at The Gospel Coalition have also given detailed instruction to their followers how to flag P&P on Facebook, and have explicitly stated that we should be flagged whether or not we’ve violated any so-called “community standards.” And they have successfully demonetized us from platforms by their meritless claims.

For this purpose, we wrote the post, Millennials: Asking for Censorship is Ceding the Argument. Obviously, Beth Moore is a crazy-eyed nutjob like Danny Akin suggested, and Kyle J. Howard is a fraud and habitual liar. And so instead of presenting their own coherent thoughts into the Marketplace of Ideas, they ask for censorship like Nicko Kampouris did.

Melissa Moore, the recently divorced mess-of-a-daughter of Beth Moore, wept in tears at the thought P&P had been banned from Twitter. Melissa Moore, whose brazen feminism and liberalism makes her divorce at least more understandable (but not excusable), has been leading her mother into further and further godless extremism (or it could be the other way around).

Melissa Moore is a good example of the kind of a-doctrinal, left-field, mindless vapidity and reverse-discipleship that Beth Moore leads women into. But, she sure loves her mother and would love a tech company like Twitter to silence criticism.

Kyle J. Howard amen’ed the announcement on Twitter as well, surely happy that folks will stop pointing out that he’s not a victim of anything but his own over-privileged speech impediment and insufferable whine-baggery.

In reality, P&P has not been banned from Twitter. Neither were we informed of whatever post we made that violated their rules. But let it be said that those on the “Christian” left desire censorship because they don’t have real ideas, real arguments, real courage, or real thoughts of their own to present in the public square. Instead, they have shrill crying and parroting of leftist talking points, winning gold medals in useful idiocracy and insufferable victimology.

However, because leftists like Moore and Howard have been able to convince various platforms to ban us for things like calling Bruce Jenner a man, it’s important that you subscribe to our newsletter to receive our updates directly to to your inbox. It’s free.

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