Courts Call for Co-Ed Locker Rooms in Minnesota and Illinois

The God-given instinct to separate from the opposite sex to shower, perform bodily functions and change clothes is being stripped away from students in Minnesota and Illinois. 

Last week, Minnesota district judge Jenny Walker Jasper upheld a female gender-diluted student’s lawsuit against Anoka-Hennepin School for refusing her permission to undress with the guys and called for an “immediate resolution” to end trans discrimination. In mid-July, the Illinois Human Rights Commission heard a similar case by a female who pretends to be a boy and ruled the school had discriminated against her by limiting her access to the guys’ locker room. Have we really come to this point in history? 

Here is what both these cases have in common:

Both represent females who are already allowed to compete on male swim teams, as a result of trans-insanity. 

Both females were given “enhanced privacy” bathrooms;  in other words, a screened partition within the boys’ locker room to act our their gender delusion. 

Both females want the freedom to undress next to their actual male peers and report grave “psychological abuse” from this deprivation. In Minnesota, student “NH” claims restricted locker room access resulted in repeated mental health hospitalizations.

Both cases are being heard by their States’ Department of Human Rights Commission and will reverse the trend of such cases being judged on a “case-by-case” basis; In other words, the agenda here is statewide mandates for unrestricted, opposite-gender bathroom access.

Both Human Rights Commissions call for equal locker-room access for both genders. So, boys who pretend to be girls must be allowed unrestricted access to naked girls, also. Schools may not require students to change behind a separate screen or prohibit nude Co-Ed showering. 

How do the Principalities and Powers in Minnesota defend this madness?

“Separate never has been, and never will be equal,” Minnesota Department of Human Rights Deputy Commissioner Irina Vaynerman stated in a press release

Minnesota Gender Justice attorney Christy Hall also weighed in:

“Transgender students themselves are the best judge of where they will be safe, and when the school board comes in and says you can’t use this restroom or this locker room like every other student, it singles them out. It makes them have to answer questions from their peers, not all of whom might be aware they’re trans.”

Sadly, In Illinois, the school distinct being sued caved and ruled to allow opposite-sex impersonators full locker room access before the Human Rights Commission ever issued it’s mandate. 

Meanwhile, those with decency recognize state-sanctioned and funded sexual abuse when they see it. The trans-cult seeks to undermine and destroy every corner of privacy and decency left in our culture. We live in a time when the delusions of a few are bought by desecrating the most basic rights of the many.