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Millennials: Asking for Censorship is Conceding the Argument

News Division

Those who promote Critical Race Theory, Cultural Marxism, and Black Liberation Theology should grasp the concept of basic civil liberties. Supposedly, they seek equality, and it is therefore incumbent upon them to understand the importance of the individual’s right to thought and expression. If their ideas had merit, however, they would not so quickly seek to censor their opponents or to shut their mouths by petition of the technocracy.

When two sides present an argument, the first side to ask a moderator for censorship automatically concedes their point.


Kyle J. Howard, a man of mixed ethnicity who identifies as part of a victim class in spite of being born with extreme white privilege, claims to have – for a short time – been a secretive member of the ‘Shotgun Crips’ gang in Atlanta. Howard claims that his membership in the gang was so secretive that he was able to keep it hidden from his parents, girlfriend, and closest friends. Then, as Howard tells the tale, he simply left the gang life to attend college. He now uses his testimony as a ‘former gang member’ (and implicit within the tale, his personal experience of surviving the dangerous inner-city underworld) to speak of “racial trauma” and bolster his resume’ as a professional victim.

Kyle J. Howard and Beth Moore (who he calls “auntie”)

We find the story dubious, if not absurd. Our argument is that the presupposition of Cultural Marxism, that there are permanent oppressed identity groups in America, is largely a fabricated myth, and so Howard’s false claims demonstrate the point. And so, we put out a bounty on information or testimony from anyone who can corroborate his legend. He responded by calling for our Facebook page to be banned and to have his fans flag it for “hate crimes.” By asking for evidence regarding claims he himself publicly made, he says, his “life is in jeopardy.” Therefore, Howard and his troupe of thawing snowflakes are asking a private corporation to censor our journalistic request for more information. Howard has also claimed he’s going to have to speak to the “authorities,” apparently even trying to get the government involved in stopping our pursuit of knowledge (good luck).

Let me break it down for you.


We have an entire generation of millennials, spoiled by their parents and ruined by the public school system, who are incapable of exchanging intellectual currency in the public marketplace of ideas. Like over-protected children on a rubber-matted playground watched over by helicopter parents, this generation (of which I am on the front end, which goes from 1980-2002) has a tendency – when confronted with intellectual disputes – to fall down crying and faking an injury, holding onto their imaginary boo-boos and hoping someone comes to scold the alpha male who bested them.

I really hate being a millennial. It’s like being raised with a gaggle of over-protected kids with peanut allergies who cry a lot. It reminds me of a few weeks as a child when I got stuck in daycare even though I was a few years older than the other kids, through which I developed a phobia of lice, sticky palms, and runny noses. All I remember is those kids crying a lot and constantly tattling on each other. Little did I know at the time that for my generation it wasn’t just a phase of toddlerhood, but that it would become an adult lifestyle choice.

In a single generation, we went from scolding-hot slides in the burning sun to the banning of seesaws, lest a fat kid launches their malnourished peer on a vegan diet into space.

In a single generation, we have gone from “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” to safe spaces.

In a single generation, we have gone from Smear the Queer in the school parking lot after school to tween yoga, from dodge ball to group cuddling.

We have gone from the Greatest Generation (1901-1924) to the worst generation. Millennials are not only incapable of storming the shores at Normandy, but we’re also incapable of polite disagreement. We’re essentially a nation of Neville Chamberlains.


Ironically, Millennials blame the Boomers (1943-1960) for the plights of this world. But really, its’ our fault that we can’t have nice things. We don’t deserve nice things. We have never had to fight, to suffer, to go hungry, to sweat, or to bleed. We’re a generation of man-children who pee sitting down, all because we have inherited the luxuries afforded us by a generation of men who attached knives to their shoulder-canons and ate Spam out of cans while living in ditches, looking for opportunities to shank Nazis.

Now, we have taken the freedom afforded us by the blood of our grandfathers and have wasted it like food stamps in a trailer park poker game. Now, our generation literally asks technocrats to limit our freedoms and censor our speech because we aren’t man enough to endure liberty. We petition the government not for the right to free speech, but the right to not be offended by the speech of others.

I would submit to you that if we cannot endure liberty without whining, we are not worthy of it.

In the Old Testament civil code (which is now abrogated) it says in Deuteronomy 21:20-21 that a rebellious and gluttonous youth should be brought to trial by their parents, and if the elders see fit, he should be stoned to death. Surely there is a life lesson in this for our generation.

If Millennials don’t grow up, take responsibility for ourselves, stop being such lachrymose losers eating up resources and never producing them, and being a drain on the collective wealth of society, perhaps the Boomers should put the whole lot of us on trial. We are insolent and unruly, lovers of ourselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to our parents, ungrateful, and unholy (2 Timothy 3:2).

We are narcissists, weaklings, asthma-affected, gluten-free, teeth-whitened, quaff-haired Nancies who think we are somehow entitled to the wealth and goods of others. We kneel for the National Anthem and refuse to take our hat off for prayer (and the hat is sideways, with a bill that isn’t bent as God intended).

We need to be slapped upside the head by a generation that is quickly fading into the darkness.

In the meantime, remember that when we constantly call for argumentative intervention, when we appeal to the Facebook gods to play referee, or call 911 everytime our feelings are offended, we have conceded the argument before it could even be made.

[Contributed by JD Hall]