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Twitter Bans “Deadnaming.” In related news, Bruce Jenner is STILL a man.

News Division

Twitter has now banned “deadnaming,” which means referring to “transsexuals” by their real names (“transsexual” is scare-quoted because it’s scientifically impossible to change your sex, so no “transsexual” actually exists or has ever existed). Deadnaming can also refer to calling anybody by their real name, instead of the fake name they prefer. For example, when Pulpit & Pen refers to Thabiti Anyabwile by his real name, Ron Burns, instead of his fake Black Nationalist name, Thabiti Anyabwile, we are “deadnaming” him. You get the point.


For the most part, however, deadnaming is an accusation regarding “transsexuals.” And this has now been banned by Twitter. As The Verge reports:

Twitter now prohibits misgendering or “deadnaming” transgender people, alongside other harassment and abuse tactics. The change appears to have happened in late October, but news of it began circulating late last week. It’s part of a more general rewording of the hateful conduct policy, which now emphasizes the fact that certain groups — including transgender people — are disproportionately targeted with abuse.

The hateful conduct policy previously banned “repeated and/or non-consensual slurs, epithets, racist and sexist tropes, or other content that degrades someone.” The new policy specifies that “this includes targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals” — i.e., deliberately referring to a transgender person with the wrong pronouns or using their pre-transition name.

Twitter banned a feminist writer, Meghan Murphy, for daring to ask the question, “What’s the difference between a man and a trans-woman?” Apparently, you aren’t supposed to ask this question.

So then, with an innate distaste for being told what not to do, let’s deadname some, shall we?


This is Bruce Jenner. He acts like a woman (poorly) and goes by the fake name, Caitlyn.


This is Bradley Edward Manning. He tries to look like a woman and goes by the name, “Chelsea.”


This is Chastity Bono. She is a woman who takes hormone treatments to become an uglier woman. She goes by the name “Chaz” and pretends to be a man.


People who go by the (misguided and factually inaccurate) terms of transsexual or transgender know that they are not the gender they prefer to be. They know they are not their preferred gender because they stuff their (completely unnecessary) brazierre, or pants, given their fantasy. They put on make-up in such a way as to turn their masculine features feminine, and choose clothing that conceals their feminine curves and make them appear male. They take hormone supplements to make themselves disfigured, whether adding facial hair to women or breasts to men.

They intentionally contort their voice to sound more effeminate or masculine and practice walking in a way unnatural to their gender. This takes much patience and practice on their part, all of which requires a cognitive and conscious understanding that they are not – in reality – what they want to be.

With all the money, surgery, practicing, and voice-acting in the world, no one (no one) would genuinely confuse Bruce Jenner for a woman. Nobody really thinks that Bradley Manning is, in fact, Chelsea Manning. The typical “transsexual” doesn’t come across as the opposite sex but as a frightening and deformed representative of the human race. Everyone knows this, but it’s not appropriate just to come out and say it. Not only do “transsexuals” not look like their preferred gender, they just end up looking like uglier versions of their real gender.

However, even though they know that they are not their preferred gender, what the “transsexual” simply cannot tolerate is other people acting as they know they’re not their preferred gender. They know that we know they’re not the opposite sex, and that’s okay. We’re just not supposed to let on like we know. In other words, it’s okay that we all know Caitlyn Jenner is a man named Bruce, but we have to act like we genuinely think he is a she. This is the game society wants us all to play, even though everyone knows it’s just a game.


When society unlovingly and torturously mistreats gender-confused people by playing along with their psychosis rather than reinforcing reality, the mentally and sinfully ill transgender person eventually lives in make-believe land so long that they become lost down the rabbit hole of their own imaginations. They begin to believe that others truly take them as their preferred gender because everyone is playing make-believe with them. This fantasy play is counter-productive to their spiritual and psychological healing.

This is evident when open-air preaching at sodomy-pride events. I will call cross-dressers by their real gender pronoun and address the men as “sir” and the women as “ma’am.” They will often come up to me quietly (and bless their hearts, sometimes respectfully) and ask with tear-dripped mascara and poorly-done hair extensions, “How did you know I’m really a man?” They are often genuinely shocked I knew their secret.

I explain that everyone knows they’re a man despite the makeup and heels, and they know they’re really a man from fifty yards away. Their walk, posture, profile, hands, bone-structure, brow, cheekbones, and meta-qualities give them away as male long before one can see any Adam’s apple or hair on the knuckles. More times than not, the gender-confused man refuses to believe that I knew he was a man by pure and immediate observation. He has been convinced – thanks to policies like this from Twitter – that everyone (except him) genuinely thinks he’s a woman.

And so instead of coming out of his psychosis, he goes further into his psychosis because it is reinforced by an unloving society.

Imagine someone utterly convinced they are a dog living among people who – instead of helping them receive treatment – rub their tummy, put their food bowl on the floor and call them, “Fido.” That would be a very unloving society, and yet that’s precisely what we’ve done to the gender-confused.


The reason why Bruce Jenner is still Bruce Jenner, Chastity Bono is still Chastity Bono, and Bradley Manning is still Bradley Manning, is that’s who God made them to be. God made them male and female (Genesis 5:2, Mark 10:6).

To call someone by a false name that misidentifies one’s gender is actually to bear false witness about our neighbor (Exodus 20:16). To call Jack, “Jill,” or to call Jill, “Jack,” is a sin against them. Furthermore, it continues to insulate them against reality and reinforces their mental illness.

However, it’s not only a lie about your neighbor. To call someone by their preferred gender (as opposed to their real gender) is to lie about God. It is not how God made them, male or female.

I hate and detest falsehood…Psalm 119:63