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Gospel Coalition Contributor Begs Facebook to Ban Pulpit & Pen

News Division

Eric Schumacher

The Gospel Coalition is a leftist political organization designed to infiltrate evangelical churches and change the demographic’s voting patterns, and it’s funded by progressive dark money. Its Council Members are largely responsible for the Great Awokening of Social Justice activism and the promotion of Critical Race Theory and Liberation Theology within evangelicalism. Heck, TGC ran an endorsement for Hillary Clinton during the last election. Now, a Gospel Coalition contributor is begging Facebook to ban Pulpit & Pen.

As I wrote the other day in Millennials, Asking for Censorship is Conceding the Argument…

Those who promote Critical Race Theory, Cultural Marxism, and Black Liberation Theology should grasp the concept of basic civil liberties. Supposedly, they seek equality, and it is therefore incumbent upon them to understand the importance of the individual’s right to thought and expression. If their ideas had merit, however, they would not so quickly seek to censor their opponents or to shut their mouths by petition of the technocracy.

When two sides present an argument, the first side to ask a moderator for censorship automatically concedes their point.

Many people have begged for a boycott of Pulpit & Pen including SBC Voices, Karen Swallow Prior, The ‘Word and Way,’ Charisma Mag, and others. Chiefly, those most in need of the spiritual gift of discernment are most frantically trying to get people to turn away from this publication.

Our thoughts frighten them. We are – to them – ideologically dangerous.

Darn right, we are. We will tear down every argument and cast down every lofty thought that raises itself against God (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Whereas boycotts have done nothing but drive us traffic (calling for boycotts raises awareness), leftists are now trying to ask the technocracy to ban P&P from its platforms.

We placed a reward on information that could corroborate Kyle J. Howard’s story that he was ever in a gang. He was raised by two attorney parents in an affluent suburb and says it was a secret and there are no witnesses left. Howard’s claims about being an intern at HeartCry Missionary Society were not true, and we suspect this part of his victimology tale is not true, either.

Eric Schumacher, a Gospel Coalition contributor and associate pastor in Ames, Iowa, called on TGC followers to band together and get P&P censored yesterday.

Schumacher writes, “Pulpit & Pen is a terrible website, posing as a “Christian Ministry.”

Full stop. At least we haven’t run Hillary Clinton endorsements “posing as a Christianity Ministry. ”

[Mic drop]

He continues, ” They are infamous for their wretchedness…They recently offered a “bounty” on Kyle J. Howard…”

Full Stop. Okay, literacy is hard and everything, but we offered a bounty for evidence regarding (absurd) biographical claims that Howard publicly made about himself. So this is called a “false narrative.”

And again, Schumacher writes, “Using ‘bounty’ language in reference to a person of color’s gang is irresponsible at best – dangerous at worst.”

Full Stop. Ah, got it. He’s a “person of color” so…you know…that’s racist somehow. In some way. Somehow. Possibly. Probably. It’s maybe…dangerous. Because. Something.

He continues, “P&P is constantly up to junk like this. So, here’s what I am asking. (1) Go to Facebook and report it for “violence” or “bullying.”

Full Stop. I like how Schumacher adds the “scare quotes” himself. Priceless. Here’s a Gospel Coalition guy literally asking people to knowingly and intentionally lie to the technocracy in order to censor our news site.

It’s amazing how all the signaled moral virtue is shameless when it comes to breaking the 9th Commandment to stifle your opponent’s free speech.

Schumacher then adds, “Block their page. It’s time for them to be gone.”

And then comes the anathema, which TGC has been unable to produce for any heretic basically anywhere up until, well…Christian journalists who report on their ideologically subversive chicanery.

“No one who claims the name of Christ should ever partner with them, write for them, or interview on their podcast (except to rebuke them). To do so is to be complicit in their behavior,” he writes.

Full Stop. It’s nice to see that for once – literally, this is probably the first time ever – someone with TGC believes in some kind of godly separation. It’s just too bad it’s not from the actual heretics and scoundrels who they’ve been promoting for years.

Blaspheme God, no problem. TGC will fully embrace you. Publish inconvenient facts (or solicit some) about The Gospel Coalition or the Social Justice Warrior of the Month, and you’re out baby. Off with your head.


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