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Clayton Jennings Meltdown Leads to Criminal Investigations, Civil Actions

News Division

A photo posted to the evangelist’s Instagram account, during his meltdown and just prior to doxing his victims.

Clayton Jennings, in recent days:

Has publicly threatend those who run this publication and others like it, and his victims, with death…

Has doxed the victims of his clergy sexual misconduct and publicly threatened and intimidated them to either change their accounts or recant with threats of releasing more photographs and videos of them…

Has continued to intimidate women who he has more recently abused…

Has continued to make provable libelous and slanderous claims about the journalists who have exposed his misconduct and the women he doxed…

Has hinted at threats of self-harm and suicide, as well as violence toward others…

Has acknowledged he is not mentally well…

Because of these factors, Jennings is being investigated on various criminal counts, including reports filed with both federal and local law enforcement agencies in various municipalities.

These matters are also now being dealt with civilly, and the pertinent information needed is being collected by a law firm for pending civil action. If other victims of Clayton Jennings would like to contact that firm, please contact on our contact page to be put in touch with those attorneys.

Most despicably, Jennings has tried to position himself as an advocate against bullying and is currently collecting funds to stop bullying on his social media pages. When you click “donate” it routes you to Clayton Jennings’ personal website and his own personal donation link.

We will not comment on these matters further because of the potential criminal and civil prosecution that is likely to happen in the near future. It will, until legal authorities and litigators are through with their efforts, suffice to post links to the articles already published about Jennings. However, we will provide limited comment to other press outlets who would like to cover the story and will help navigate the many articles that have already been published or perhaps let them speak with victims pending the advice of counsel. To do so, email [email protected].

First victim’s account of Jennings including sex, morning-after pill, texts, evidence

FAQ on Jennings and new victims...

Jennings’ mentor announces Clayton left ‘restoration’ process

Third victim comes out with evidence…

The first time he sent messages blackmailing his victims

Penguin Book Publisher drops Jennings’ book (he denied it at the time)…

Clayton Jennings brags about his genitals, attacks victims in latest video

Jennings denounced by elders and license revoked, he goes on to attack them

A (then) full list of publications writing about Jennings’ victimization, with links

Jennings celebrity friend and father help cover up his deeds, try to suppress release of info

Jennings again attacks the church that defrocked him

Reality star comes out about Jennings

Moody radio apologizes for interviewing Jennings

Jennings still speaking with major Christian leaders, Louie Giglio and Trip Lee

After intimidating them for years, Jennings finally doxes his victims

After doxing victims, counselor speaks out about new victims he’s intimidating as of mere weeks ago

We sincerely hope that Jennings receives the mental health help, addiction counseling, and spiritual guidance he may need to become a whole and healthy person.

We also hope that he stops using and abusing women, and that they receive the help they need to receive restitution for their treatment and ongoing support.