Clayton Jennings: Attempted Cover-Ups By Joshua Feuerstein and Don Jennings

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. – John 3:20

Clayton Jennings is a name known for two things. First, he is an object of affection and obsession for tweens, teen girls and desperate housewives who get their theology from Facebook. Secondly, he is the disgraced evangelist who was exposed for hooking up with lots and lots of girls and occasionally getting them drunk and giving them the abortion pill to cover up his sin, and doing so in between and during his revival events and doing so right up until weeks of his recent marriage.

The attempt at damage control from Jennings was interesting to watch. First, Jennings ran to his mentor, Tony Nolan, and posted a video of himself rapping a bizarre (and vague) confession, while Nolan spoke about Jennings’ sincere repentance and their agreed-upon process of “restoration.” Then, Nolan wised up about Jennings’ behavior and manipulation, and publicly announced that Jennings was only interested in public relations and wasn’t repentant (he also contacted Penguin Books and told them to take his endorsement off of Jennings’ book). Jennings’ elders revoked his ministry license. Jennings, in response, publicly threatened his elders and attacked the one designated to oversee his repentance. Jennings then started appearing in photos with his painfully-smiling wife (who previously was persona non grata) scheduling events to speak at less-than-discerning, possibly Antinomian, hyper-grace dens of iniquity that unfortunately call themselves “churches.” In the mean time, Jennings has not apologized to certain of his victims, and other victims report that his apology was followed by a request that they not go public.

The story seems to be fully told. I called out Jennings as early as September 2015 for very clearly building a mostly female audience by lascivious charm, immodesty, good looks and did so in such a way that any onlooking dad-of-daughters (like myself) would shudder. Throughout 2016, the victims of his spiritual and sexual manipulation came forward, and Jennings is now relegated to speaking to non-church ecclesiastical bodies that surely are filled with mostly lost people. Jennings’ fornication pool will at least be limited to mostly non-christian young women, the types and kinds that attend the horrible churches that would allow him to speak.

But, the story isn’t quite over yet. I’ve a cache of young women who are willing to testify to Jennings’ misdeeds if and when he follows through on threats of litigation for exposing him. In that respect, I’m keeping my powder dry. There’s still one more aspect of this story, however. And that’s the story of the attempted cover-up.

As our hounds were hunting in September of 2015 and Jennings’ knew we were on the trail and what we might uncover, he tried to bribe me with a thousand dollars (photo left), which I’ve already reported. After I rejected his backhanded boodle, Jennings informed me that his mother would be sending me money. This started me asking the question of exactly how much his family knew and when they knew it. Little did I know, at the time, that Clatyon’s parents – Don and Lisa Jennings – would soon know about at least one of Jennings’ victims and they would know about another relationship that ended just prior to Jennings’ marriage (they met both women in person).

But it’s the friends and family of Clayton Jennings who immediately sought to cover-up his sin once exposed, that should themselves be exposed.

So…let’s get on it. Enter Joshua Feuerstein.
Feuerstein is best known for his populist conservative rants that are often cloaked in pseudo-christian religiosity, and his influence is almost entirely relegated to the realm of Facebook. Wearing brash offensiveness as a badge of honor, Feuerstein’s schtick is throwing red meat to an audience that isn’t sure the difference between neo-conservativism and authentic Christianity. Feuerstein himself is either a Modalist heretic, or doesn’t know enough about the Modalism heresy to know he shouldn’t associate with it. You might know him best for starting all the uproar about Starbucks cups not explicitly saying “Christmas” back in 2015. And as much as I enjoy my political incorrectness, I don’t enjoy it cloaked in seven layers of stupidity and a dash of heresy, but that’s the best description of Joshua Feuerstein I can muster.
Feuerstein, who refers to him as a “mentor” to Clayton Jennings, reached out to us shortly after our first expose’ was published. Specifically, the social media geomancer reached out to Pulpit & Pen editor, Jeff Maples, with a threat towards me personally.

The context of this conversation is that Feuerstein asked me earlier in the day what Clayton could do to make our post come down. Believing strongly that he was offering a bribe – considering our past history – I told Feuerstein the truth; Jennings needs to make full admission of his sin. Within an hour or so, Jennings had posted a mishmash vague admission of imperfection, stopping short of saying anything in particular other than having “struggles.” When I wouldn’t remove my post, Feuerstein had the above exchange with Maples.
The “tens of thousands of dollars” was threatened legal action. Feuerstein continued to threaten me personally.

Feuerstein was incensed that I wouldn’t delete my post because of Clayton’s nebulous confession of imperfection. He continued…

Feuerstein then talked about his financial resources, and that he was willing to use them on Clayton’s behalf to get me to take my post down.

Feuerstein informs me he’s not scared of a “little blogger,” when I point out that he’s seeking to silence victims of spiritual abuse and sexual manipulation.

Feuerstein again threatens me with a financial price-tag for exposing Clayton Jennings.

Let me be as clear as humanly possible. Joshua Feuerstein is a run-amock Facebook savant who, with no ecclesiastical credentials or authority, makes a career out of spewing needlessly offensive nonsense and, to make matters worse, associates proudly with a cadre of nefarious spiritual knaves and uses his influence to both bolster and promote their careers of shameless self-indulgence.

We should expect as much from a man who thinks coffee shops have a duty to keep our holiday traditions.

However, we should expect more from Don Jennings Sr., the father of Clayton Jennings. Jennings Sr. is the pastor of Harbor Shores Baptist Church in Indiana. And while it seems that certain of the elders at Harbor Shores have responded Biblically to Clayton Jennings, the senior Jennings has sought to cover-up this matter. In fact, he recently used the term, “as God as my witness, I have never tried to cover anything up.”

Not true.

I know, because he tried to talk me out of exposing Clayton.

Before posting anything publicly, we sought to go first to the elders in authority over Clayton. I had already spoken at length with Clayton about what I perceived as his using the Gospel to attract women to himself, and so I wanted to make my accusations before witnesses. This was my attempt to do so.

Notice that Jennings did not respond with the name of his pastor until a week later. What caused his eventual response was Jeff Maples, editor at Pulpit & Pen, reaching out to Jennings with more specific accusations. Once Clayton knew that our accusations were about his sexual escapades and that we had evidence, Don Jennings called Maples and then me within minutes.

Note, there was little time for Clayton to debrief his father about all of his affairs before Jennings Sr started reaching out to do damage control. He was Johnny-on-the-spot and the PR response was activated almost immediately.

After speaking to Maples, Jennings called me. The content of his conversation was very simple; to talk us out of running the story. Don explained that he knew all about his son’s sexual misdeeds, but that Clayton was repentant. I explained, in response, that there were many women involved and that this was a pattern of behavior that also included seduction-via-alcohol and the abortion pill. Jennings Sr did not seem at all surprised or alarmed. In fact, it seemed that he was already aware.

At no point in the conversation did Jennings Sr show any concern for the women who were promised marriage and dumped after fornication or for the unborn who might have been aborted by his son’s behavior. Don’s one and only concern was that we not expose Clayton. Very concerned and questioning if I was recording the conversation (I did not, because single-party recording is illegal in my state), Don tried to use his clout as a pastor to sway our opinion in vouching for his son, and spoke of the Gospel and the need for forgiveness in a way that I found offensive to the Gospel itself, because true repentance involves true confession, something that Clayton has not done even to this day. He told us that we were going to make Christianity look bad (not his son). When Don began to question to validity of polemics and became accusatory regarding our motivations, I thanked him for calling and dismissed the call.

His call with Jeff Maples was almost identical, except that Jeff reports that Don told him that if we exposed Clayton we would be sinning.

Make no mistake about it; both known charlatans and respected leaders are capable of covering up sin when it is a friend or loved one. And regardless of their motivations, whether peer compatriots who are cut from the same demonic cloth or loving parents who want the best for their children, it’s still wrong.

What should you do if you find out your loved one is in unrepentant sin? Well, you should keep in mind that there’s a reason sin is held in secret, and it’s usually not shame. Usually, sin is kept secret because it is cherished and it is necessary to be kept secret in order for it to be continued. Consider the words of our Savior in the Gospel of John…

For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed. – John 3:20

Whether it’s Joshua Feuerstein or Don Jennings Sr., when an attempt is made to cover up sin – whether trying to threaten, intimidate or guilt the whistle-blower, they’re enabling the behavior to continue. Jennings’ victims testify that he hid them in his house, hid them from neighbors, made them park blocks away from his home. He hid his fiance’ and hid their relationship so that he could continue in others. And then, his friends and family assisted him in covering up his behavior. That didn’t help him. It allowed him to continue in his sin.

One of the most infuriating aspects of this entire affair was listening to Don Sr. speak to a young victim of Clayton and demand she forgive and “forget” and “move on.” That was not Gospel-related. That was cover-up related, and it was disguised in a thin veil of religiosity.

The fact is, these were young, impressionable women who thought they were befriending a spiritual mentor, and not handing themselves over to be manipulated and deflowered. The people closest to Clayton Jennings didn’t seem to care for them, and only desired to cover up sin.

Friends, it ought not be.


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