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Proof: Clayton Jennings Victims Being Blackmailed, Threatened

Promiscuous “Evangelist,” Clayton Jennings

Harbor Shores Church in Noblesville, Indiana – which revoked the ministry license of uber-promiscuous evangelist, Clayton Jennings, met this last Sunday night to determine what should happen to his father, Don Jennings. Polemics Report gave audio to the elders at Harbor Shores of Don Jennings’ meeting with his wife Lisa, son Clayton, Clayton’s victim and victim’s mother, and that audio demonstrates that Don Jennings knew about his son’s behavior and chose to sweep it under the rug. It didn’t take long for Don to turn against the elders of his own church who acted with great integrity regarding Clayton, and seek to pit the church against them as well. At the meeting on Sunday night, a negotiation process left Don exiting the church in April with an 18-month severance package of full salary and benefits, the title of Senior Pastor Emeritus, and his wife owning the rights to the Easter play the church puts on annually (seriously, what is with the show-biz addiction this family has?).
The church was not told about Don’s cover-up of Clayton’s sin, and so we posted the following on our FB page.

I awoke after midnight later that evening, with a terrified, crying victim of Clayton Jennings’ on the line. While Jennings has made repeated veiled threats to his victims in his rap videos, taking about possible “legal action” and spitting hateful vitriol in his “Haters” video, he hasn’t ever been so bold as to directly threaten this particular victim. We are aware, however, of Jennings threatening to ruin the careers of other victims. But this was the first time someone reached out to this particular young woman and very explicitly attempted to blackmail her.
Notice several things here. First, the blackmailer claims they’re not Clayton Jennings, but then goes on to explain that they ARE apparently working with Clayton Jennings. Jennings was happy to give them “his side” of the story (which by the way, if he had a compelling side of the story that would explain away his prolific promiscuity while in ministry, his getting girls drunk in order to lower their inhibitions, and his telling them to take morning-after pills (A) he would have told it by now and (B) he would have sued us for libel…but he can’t, because we’re telling the truth.
Clearly, Jennings didn’t receive any such information from “a source at P&P.” Nor are we aware of whatever bizarre accusations he presented. The only people who know the identity of the victim(s) are me and my editor, Clayton Jennings, and whoever he has told. The ridiculous claim that three major publications (he later tagged the victim in posts for Fox, CNN and MSNBC) would help him in his extortion efforts demonstrate that we are dealing with a real narcissist with delusions of grandeur, who thinks it’s everybody else who is stupid.

Threatening to release swimwear photos to the public (we have blocked out the images, which are not nude or near-nude, but two-piece swimsuit photos that the blackmailer thought might be considered scandalous, proof that the woman has been in establishments that sell alcohol (forsooth!), and threatening to release other personal information that they had given to Clayton Jennings (we can prove he was given the information that “anonymous person” now threatens her with), Team Jennings is literally terrorizing the victims who have already come forward, and making threats towards those he think might come forward.
Now, this is a matter for both federal and local law enforcement to determine if the blackmailer is the very same person as Clayton Jennings, but at the very least, rest assured that the person is “Team Jennings.” If it isn’t Clayton himself, they’re talking to Clayton, working with Clayton, and extremely motivated in having no more victims step forward, no additional proof released, and no audio of Don Jennings being made public. Who else cares about whether or not we release info on Clayton and Don besides…Clayton and Don or people very, very closely associated with them?
Make no mistake about it, Team Jennings – which included Don Jennings himself – is a ruthless, ruthless outfit and are perfectly willing and ready (and threatening) to ruin the lives of the girls that Clayton made fake marriage promises to or groomed with tall tales of many lies, who had the sense to come to repentance and try to make things right.
More young women were blackmailed the next morning (see image below), again demanding that we not release our information at P&P, lest they ruin the young women.

Additionally, Harbor Shores members need to speak to their elders, and ask them direct questions regarding whether or not Clayton Jennings made threats towards them or their family (he did). But they need to hear that directly from their elders, and should ask them to be forthright about this pattern of behavior (Jennings even gave a veiled threat towards them in this open letter).
Although we have given all information to law enforcement and they will handle things criminally, we believe the best course of action to protect these women is to sing like the proverbial canary and warn the public that the Jennings Camp – whether Clayton or a close associate so it would seem – is blackmailing these young women to protect Clayton and Don.
We are currently assessing how to proceed with the release of more information, but if any such information regarding these young victims is made public in keeping good with their threats, make no mistake about it, you know the people responsible for it. And their last name is Jennings.
[Editor’s Note: Because of the high potential for litigation in this matter, please understand the necessary caveat that all the preceding was my opinion. Bla bla bla].