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Jennings Brags About His Genitals, Attacks Victims and Accusers in Latest Video


Clayton Jennings again defends his ministry and accuses his victims of “throwing stones.” He calls them “Satan’s lies.” He complains about the gossip about “his past” (read that: having sex with his fans in between revival services recently).

Jennings claims other men aren’t manly enough. He says that “somebody needs to stand up and fight back” and you “can sit down and shut up.”

Then, Jennings rapped, “I used to be timid and reached between my legs and what [my critics] lacked, I found.” He then says “Shooters don’t care about the opinions of Bambi.”

Ironically and yet suitably, Jennings rapped the video in a shirt known as a “wife beater.” Jennings was publicly renounced by his elders for unrepentant sin, renounced by his mentor who had intended on restoring him for that unrepentant sin, and is accused (with audio and digital evidence) of affairs with more than a half-dozen women during his preaching ministry (some within weeks of his marriage) and more than a dozen others alleging sexual and spiritual manipulation.

You can read more about Clayton Jennings’ womanizing and spiritual, sexual abuse here. Clayton Jennings is a fleshly spirit on display.