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Clayton Jennings Book Canceled by Publisher; He Denies It

Clayton Jennings doesn’t seem to be able to stop lying. While we posted an article on December 16 entitled, While Publisher Pulls Book, Clayton Jennings Plans Comeback, Jennings went to social media to say that it wasn’t true.

We reported at the time, that the book was pulled by publisher when it had a nearly-immediate release date.

It appears that Penguin Books, the publisher for Clayton Jennings’ Jesus Above Everything, has pulled it from upcoming production. No longer taking pre-orders, the publisher now says the book is “delayed by publisher…”

While Jennings was being dropped by speaking venues and scrapping the various upcoming gigs from his website, while he was being repudiated by his elders and publicly admonished by his mentor all for a lack of repentance, he was trying to save face for his loyal harem of Facebook followers.
Jennings, as the screenshot on the left demonstrates, says that (in response to our article about the publisher pulling the book) that he (that is Jennings himself) had the publisher back up the date “to be launched with another huge announcement.”
Three months later and the book that Clayton asked the publisher to postpone for “another huge announcement” still hasn’t been announced and a release date still hasn’t been set. In fact, Clayton Jennings’ website has pulled all reference to the book, as though it never existed.
Polemics Report has been able to independently confirm two facts:
First, Tony Nolan – the onetime mentor of Jennings who had planned to help his “restoration” until his unrepentance became clear – asked Penguin Books to pull his endorsement and the forward he had written for the book because he is under the impression that not only is Clayton unrepentant for his sexual deeds, he’s very possibly unconverted.
Secondly, Penguin Books has canceled – not “postponed” at the request of Jennings – the book, with “no plan to print.” They have repeatedly given that response to the many calls of “the pulpiteers” we asked to reach out to them in social media. In fact, Penguin Books was very clear and assertive that they have absolutely no plans of printing the book and have abandoned the project altogether.
Sadly, because of Jennings’ lack of penitence, the discipline by his church elders, the repudiation of his mentor, and the overwhelming factual evidence presented that he used the ministry to prey upon impressionable young women, he has been renounced by almost all reputable leaders and churches…with one exception.
Tim Tebow is still all-in on Team Jennings.
If you would like to warn Tebow about embracing and promoting a spiritual predator, you can call the Tebow Foundation at (904) 380-8499 or by clicking this link.