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Moody Radio Apologizes for Interviewing Predator, Clayton Jennings

With enough supplies to feed half a home school family, in a trailer large enough to hold a miniature donkey, Clayton Jennings went to the Houston disaster area while blowing trumpets before him to herald his good deeds. Letting no opportunity for good publicity go to waste, Jennings – the lascivious spiritual predator whose license was revoked by his home church and whose famous mentor publicly repudiated him for unrepentant sexual sin – presented himself as a one-man relief effort. Jennings, in spite of many women coming forward to testify of sexual immorality with him before and after “revival” events, is continuing to preach, although now it is largely in circles affiliated with the New Apostolic Reformation.

Jennings, in a hurry to get small trailer of supplies to flood and hurricane victims in Houston, pauses to pose for publicity photos.


Indianapolis news source, The Patch, covered his hurricane relief efforts, and reported that he has raised 44k for Samaritan’s Purse. Jennings still has a large online presence, and continues to be popular among young women, in particular.

It shouldn’t surprise one that a secular news source in Indianapolis (Jennings home area) wouldn’t be aware of his gross sexual immorality and spiritual predation of young women, but it was shocking to hear Jennings heralded by Moody Radio, a Christian radio outlet that should have known better.

Jennings was interviewed on 97.9 for the morning show, New Day Indy, with hosts, Kelli Thompson and Linda Yeager. The two women spoke glowingly of Jennings, who was eager to absorb the spotlight. The video is below.


However, people soon began to contact Moody radio with concerns that they had just given attention to a spotlight-hungry spiritual predator who has very unrepentantly and sociopathically used his ministry for the purposes of sexual exploitation of young women. Moody quickly apologized.

The station manager gave many apologies to those calling or email the station with their concerns. Aside from various emails, he also spoke to Pulpit & Pen contributor, Seth Dunn, and apologized for having Clayton on the radio as well.

The radio host of the morning program, Kelli, also sent formal apologies to JD Hall for not researching Clayton Jennings well enough.

Other readers were also given swift apologies by the radio station. When asked by Dunn if they would remove the audio, he was told that the stations was not in the habit of removing programs, but that Jennings would certainly not be on Moody radio again.

We trust that Moody Radio will honor their word, and we pray that the victims of Clayton Jennings might accept their humblest apologies.

If you would like to support a legitimate Hurricane Relief program (the kind that doesn’t involve grandstanding self-promotion) you may give to the American Red Cross here.