Clayton Jennings Team Harasses Harbor Shores Church, Attacks His Elders

Clayton Jennings, who has been handed over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh (1 Corinthians 5:5) by his church elders, who has been repudiated and publicly rebuked by the mentor who was supposed to help restore him, and who continues to intimidate his victims with threats of legal action for speaking out, has continued his attacks on his home church.
Jennings, when his elders first made the decision to renounce his ministry and revoke his ministry license because of his bold and obvious unrepentance, sent a blast-email to the church body where he was a member, his father the pastor, and where he had played Jesus in the annual play put on by his mother, attacking the elders standing firm on Biblical teaching while not mentioning his father’s role in the decision. Since then, reliable reports to Polemics Report demonstrate that Don and Lisa Jennings have done everything possible to undermine their own elders, defend Clayton, and attack both the victims and the reporters of Clayton’s predation upon young women.
Clayton’s team has continued to intentionally sow disharmony at Harbor Shores in an attempt to stave off Biblically justifiable discipline of Don Jennings, his father, who helped to cover up Clayton’s fornication with at least one victim and who tried to talk both myself and Jeff Maples (managing editor at Pulpit & Pen) from running our initial story.
Tim Snyder, one of Clayton’s close associates and who has supposedly served on Clayton’s “accountability team” (big LOL), sent the following email, reportedly on behalf of the Jennings family, to Harbor Shores church members…

Dear Harbour Shores Family,

We love Harbour Shores Church and everyone involved in this ministry! It has been a blessing to be a part of this church body for over 12 years and we are so thankful for what God has done in our lives and in our family during that time through sound teaching and ministries. We, like many in our congregation, are concerned with recent issues that have come to light and how they have been handled by our Elder Board. We appreciate the transparency shown by Don and Lisa last Sunday morning in the statements they read to the congregation but feel like many of you do, that we have not experienced that same transparency from the elders.

Leslie and I emailed the elders last Sunday and, just as others in our body did, received an email from the elders stating they would be setting up meetings with members and contacting some by phone and email. We thought and prayed over their reply and sent the email below to the elders this morning. We strongly believe that if the elders desire to unite the body and to regain and rebuild trust, then a better option to these individual meetings would be to have an open forum between the elders and members of HSC. We sincerely believe that this would be the most efficient and effective way for questions to be answered, truth to be found and transparency to be shown.

Our greatest fear is during the weeks it will take for these meetings with the elders to take place, that further division could happen within the church as truth is sought Please pray over this and if you agree that an open forum would be best for all involved, then let the elders know or feel free to respond to this email. “Dear Elders of Harbor Shores Church, Thank you for responding to the email we sent earlier this week. We appreciate your willingness in the email to respond to questions and concerns in a biblical, direct and transparent manner.

However, we request that rather than having meetings of 3-4 elders, emails and phone calls with those that have questions you instead have an open forum with members of the church to help regain & rebuild trust. We believe that this setting would give the greatest opportunity for the elders to show complete transparency and would also help bring the body together to heal and unite as we seek answers and leadership. We personally have questions we would like to ask each elder as others in the body do too. Some of the answers we receive may generate questions for other elders which would make an open forum more efficient and effective. We have become more concerned with the decision making ability and leadership of the elder board through recent events. One of the concerns we and others have is what appears to be growing and unchecked control by the elders.

This pains us to say, but to be completely honest, we believe these small meetings of elders with members, emails and phone calls are another way the elder board is exhibiting control of which elders speak with which members and could cause more questions and rumors. An open forum would ensure that all questions raised by the body are answered, that the elder board recognizes they are held accountable to the body, and that all parties involved are treated in a respectful, fair and godly manner. Unfortunately because of missed opportunities by the Elder Board since accusations and concerns were first raised and, due the body’s search for truth, rumors have started. We feel at this time that the body is disjointed due to not knowing the complete situation and circumstances at hand.

For this reason, we ask that this open forum with the body be conducted soon to avoid the spread of gossip and for the body to begin healing. Finally, since you have a calling to care for those who are hurting in the body and to show that you truly believe 1 Corinthians 12: 26, “If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together,” then we ask that you bring the body together in this open forum so we may learn the truth together.” Please continue to pray for our HSC leadership and for each other as we seek God’s will during this challenging time. Gratefully, Tim and Leslie Snyder Please continue to pray for our HSC leadership and for each other as we seek God’s will during this challenging time.

Gratefully, Tim and Leslie Snyder

To talk about the “transparency” of Don and Lisa is astoundingly insincere. Don and Lisa knew about victim #1, and shamed her and demanded she forgive and “forget” the predation. Don and Lisa met victim #7 (that’s what we call her) in late 2015 while Clayton was engaged to their now-daughter-in-law (they showed her his baby pictures). Don and Lisa have enabled Clayton and served as his accomplice in this behavior. Don and Lisa, so it seems, also have been sharing private emails of concerned church members with Clayton, who then acts with vindictiveness toward them.

What Tim and Leslie Snyder are trying to manufacture is a lynch mob in which Clayton’s mostly lost  or Biblical unlearned supporters can string up the elders at Harbor Shores who have acted Biblically. Essentially, Don Jennings is committing the exact same sin as his son, Clayton. Instead of doing the right thing and stepping down, Don refuses to leave the stage and spotlight, regardless of what is best for the Body of Christ. Understand this; Clayton Jennings is not a rebellious son. He is the snowflake creation of Don and Lisa Jennings, and is made in their Christian-celebrity, narcissistic image.

Team Clayton then sent an anonymous letter to the church body. This one is designed to attack the messengers and spread misinformation.

Dear HSC, Our church finds itself in very troubling times, and the most troubling thing of all is that most of us don’t know what’s happening to our church and it’s leadership. A lot of people in our congregation have asked for answers for weeks and have been given none. I began doing my own research into this church debacle and what I found saddened, angered and shocked me. I am writing this email anonymously because I am worried about possible retaliation against me like what has happened to other people in the church. In case you do not know, the elder board is split. Some are calling for the removal of Pastor Don and Lisa right now.

The elders took away BTL without telling Lisa or the BTL committee. They decided to do this even though it was not a unanimous decision as required by the church constitution. They took it away from us, the people, and the community. Seven thousand people will not hear the Gospel now because of the wickedness of a few elders. What’s sad is the fact that most of the elders are nowhere to be seen when it comes time to get our hands dirty and serve in the play. They have sabotaged our church’s biggest outreach ministry and then blamed the fallout on a former member’s past sin. That is very weak leadership and a terrible excuse. In fact, it’s a lie. They did this to take another shot at Don and Lisa. What we are facing as a church is bigger than Clayton’s sin which he has repented of.

We are being led by elders that do not meet the qualifications for that office stated in scripture. I found out that Don and Larry have not been given a raise in years while the other two pastors have. This is illegal and another way our senior pastors are being treated poorly by elders unfit to lead. There is a website writing terrible and untrue things about our Senior Pastor, Lisa, Clayton and his wife. Sadly, some members, elders, and deacons have used these lying tabloids against the Jennings family. I found it very hard to believe the things this site was claiming so I did my own research. The man who writes these articles (JD Hall) is the same man who bullied a teenager on Twitter so bad that the teen killed himself. Google it. He is the same man who attacks Piper and other great men of God.

The stories on his website are false and full of pride and come from a man who loves to hear himself speak. Why are we willing to side with this stranger over our pastor and his wife who grew this church from the ground up and have loved and served US for decades? What would your lives look like without the ministry of Don and Lisa Jennings? God have mercy on us! The gossip and lying taking place in the leadership (by their wives) and in the body is wicked. We are talking about leadership who recently suggested lying to the church about Pastor Don’s health to keep him out of the pulpit. If it feels like the elders are hiding something it’s because they are. Praise God one deacon has repented for his actions, but why have the others not repented for theirs?

When did we become okay with not addressing sin? If we do not stand up right now for Don and Lisa like they have stood up for us for over three decades, we are guilty of an awful sin. God forbid the accusers and attacks on Pastor Don affect his health. He has stood in the pulpit while fighting a deadly disease for years while some people skip church over a headache. If his legacy ends with being run out by evil leadership and manipulative members, then none of you who have come against this great man of God should even think about attending his funeral. The pain some in our church and in our leadership have brought our pastor and his family is beyond words.

Pastor Don and Lisa have stood with us, with our kids, visited us in hospitals, counseled us, kept our secrets and prayed for us. Now Satan is using a few wicked people to try to turn us against our dear Pastor and his wife. This is wrong! God will judge us for this! We are better than this! We are Harbour Shores Church and it’s time we unite even if the leadership tries to divide us. If Don and Lisa leave, or are forced out by this corrupt elder and deacon board, this church will be no more and God’s hand of blessing will be gone forever. Let’s not let this happen. It’s time to stand up for truth and demand answers! I pray that those of you who have gossiped and slandered the Jennings family, instead of loving them and showing them grace during a storm bigger than any of us can imagine, will ask God and the Jennings for forgiveness. If you love Pastor Don and Lisa then let them know that you support them. Let Randy Patten know too. He needs to know that we love our pastor and support him. Thank you

First, let me point out the obvious. Could the Jennings family get any more narcissistic? Of all the ways Jesus’ name has been drug through the mud, young women got drunk, deflowered and the abortion pill handed out like candy, Lisa Jennings is using her play being taken away as a grievance? Does this entire family have to be in spotlight or they throw a hissy or what? It would seem logical, that given Lisa knew of her son’s addiction to lying and fornication, that she shouldn’t have let him play Jesus in her play. It would seem like common sense she be in a time-out corner on that.

Secondly, to claim that Clayton has “repented” of his sin is an asinine suggestion. His mentor, Tony Nolan, clearly declared that he wasn’t repentant. The elders at Harbor Shores said he wasn’t repentant (including his father at the time, before he started undermining his fellow elders). Fact: Clayton has not apologized to the victims who have come out (he has instead blocked them in all social media), and has only called to apologize to victims who have not come out, while asking them not to come forward. Clayton has continued to intimidate his victims, talking of legal action. Clayton has only attacked those who brought the information forward. It is a fair estimation that anyone who has seen the behavior and actions of Clayton Jennings who think he is repentant, doesn’t know what actual repentance is and their salvation should be rightly questioned.

Third, the attacks on me personally don’t matter, for anyone with a modicum of logical thought would realize that an ad hominem (a false one at that) doesn’t change any facts, screenshots or evidence I’ve presented (or audio I sent to the elders who listened to it and who Clayton is now attacking through surrogates). However, that line about our “attacks” on Piper and other “great men of God” (by that, they refer to several articles politely critiquing Piper’s support for contemplative prayer, Black Lives Matter and gun control). That is exactly – word for word – what Don Jennings said to me on the phone when he begged us not to make his sins public “or the elders and others would find out, and its none of their business.”

I 100% believe that Don Jennings wrote this anonymous email, defending himself (and even complaining about a lack of pay increase for himself) or helped someone write it. I don’t have any doubt about it. 

The email goes on to use Don’s health as a reason for pity (which is interesting, because Clayton used his father’s health as a reason why he wouldn’t contact women again after their one-night-stands), his many years of service and so on. The reason why Don isn’t telling Clayton to have his team knock off the blast-emails to Harbor Shores church is because Don is on Clayton’s team, and Don has a role in these emails.

As the time progresses, one can truly see how Don and Clayton are not very different people, as one might imagine. Both are addicted to the stage, the lights, the celebrity. Neither are doing what they should do for the sake of the church. Both have tried and are trying to cover it up. Both treat light-shiners and truth-tellers as the enemy (remember when Don said reporters exposing Clayton are “godless” and “bent on destruction”?).

If Harbor Shores has a “town hall” type meeting in which the godly elders will be tossed, I have a contingency plan. Here it is: Any member from Harbor Shores church may call me (email me for my phone number; and I will tell you everything I know regarding Clayton Jennings, and I will send you the great deal of facts myself.

If they want to accuse Polemics Report or Pulpit and Pen of “lying” (or Christian News Network or Pirate Christian Radio, both of which we sent the evidence which they can attest), they are welcome and encouraged to sue me for both slander and libel. I would absolutely love to take that evidence to court and have the power of subpoena, and my attorney is 100% ready for that and would love the payday (I don’t believe we could be accused of violating 1 Corinthians 6 in regards to suing fellow believers).

This week, we will be releasing more information, more letters from victims with supporting evidence, and that will include audio of Don Jennings himself. Why? Because of these letters sent to Harbor Shores. Keep it up, Team Clayton. The more you try to attack your spiritual authorities, the more information we will keep releasing.


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