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Mohler and Gay-Affirming ERLC Fellow Talk #BlackLivesMatter

From the we should’ve written about this already department… Christianity Today reached out to “evangelical leaders” to ask what the pro-life community can learn from the #BlackLivesMatter, and vice versa. One can only wonder...


John Piper Promotes #BlackLivesMatter

John Piper, who dug-in yesterday with another anti-gun tweet, also surprised many in evangelicalism with a tweet in seeming support of Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is an international organization advocating against violence...

A Dallas Police Officer Speaks Out To Evangelicals

**Editor’s Note: The following was written entirely by a Dallas Police Officer that reached out to me. With the exception of minor formatting, no modification was done to this letter.  I’m a Dallas police...


Phil Johnson, Thabiti, and SBC Voices

SBC Voices is a place for regurgitated ideas, unoriginal thoughts, Southern Baptist scuttlebutt in the form of pumped sunshine, and a nearly endless droning on of denomination optimism, oblivious to the doctrinal downgrade and corruption...

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