Video: Carl Lentz’s Family Participating in Anti-Police Riots

The hipster Hillsong pastor in New York City, Carl Lentz, is helping to contribute to the delinquency of his daughter by letting her take part in mob behavior and verbal assaults against the police.

Lentz is a health-and-wealth pastor who has been featured on Oprah, fawned over pro-abortion Democrat Stacy Abrams, made pro-abortion comments on The View, parties with Justin Beiber, and harbored gay choir leaders at his so-called “church.” Hillsong, with whom Lentz and his New York congregation are a part, is one of the fastest-growing prosperity cults in the world, largely popularized by the Arian Snare of their popular music albums.

And now, Lentz’s daughter is apparently taking part in riots and screaming at officers in the New York police department for actions taken by four police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota against a drug-using petty criminal named George Floyd. Floyd died while in the custody of the Minneapolis P.D., likely due to apparent police brutality.

Lentz proudly posted the video, taken by his daughter, on Instagram. Note that he calls the insane and ineffectual, hysterical ranting “preaching.”

Lentz said, “My daughter @charlentz recorded this last night and if you are still struggling to understand but TRYING.. I pray you hear this desperate, brave LEADER preach. Until her voice ran out. Her voice has been ringing in my head ALL DAY. I hope you allow that as well. #blacklivesmatter #equaljustice

Lentz’ daughter appears to be ‘flipping off’ the camera in her Instagram photo. And Lentz seems to be unashamed that his family is taking part in the verbal assault of the fine men and women of the New York Police Department who are trying to keep them safe from riotous thugs and criminals.

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