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Justin Bieber Takes Shots, Removes Clothing, at NZ Bar with Hillsong Pastor, Carl Lentz

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber recently announced that he was canceling his latest music tour because he “rededicated his life to Christ.”

Bieber’s decision seemed to come out of the blue, but our sources say it was squarely based on what Bieber believes is religious enlightenment. Bieber said he canceled due to exhaustion, but that’s simply not true. Plus, his remaining touring schedule was not taxing travel-wise.

Bieber attends the notorious NYC campus of Hillsong Church, a Prosperity Gospel church based out of Sydney Australia. Hillsong NYC is pastored by Carl Lentz and Pulpit & Pen has documented the problems that Hillsong NYC and Lentz are riddled with, from denying that Jesus is the only way to a relationship with God to parading their youth pastor on stage in his underwear in front of thousands of women.

So, the shocking news that Bieber possibly wanted to leave his carnal life behind to follow Christ begged the question: what Christ does he want to follow? From what we know about Bieber’s pastor, Carl Lentz, it is apparent that Hillsong NYC has a very low, man-centered view of Jesus–a Carnal Jesus. It’s also well known that Bieber has a very close relationship with his pastor. He is highly lauded as Bieber’s mentor.

So let’s take a look at just how Pastor Lentz has been mentoring Bieber, and let’s see if it makes sense that a carnal man that shows no fruits of repentance would actually want to leave a glamorous career behind to follow Christ. Is this the Christ, the church, that he’s turning to?

The photos below of Bieber and Lentz partying it up and removing clothing were snapped at Blue Door Bar in Queenstown, NZ.

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