ERLC Leader Says, “Much of What Conservative Christianity Believes About the Bible is Wrong”

The leftist, gay-affirming feminist who works for both Liberty University and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) has finally admitted plainly that (in her opinion), “Much of what conservative Christianity believes about the Bible is wrong.”

Pulpit & Pen has been calling the animal rights activist and fake anti-abortion advocate a leftist for the longest time, and back in 2015 that was actually controversial among some. At the time, blog personalities like Tom Buck, Chris Bolt, and Landon Chapman—and later, Mr. and Mrs. Erin Harding—swore up and down that she was as conservative as the day is long.

However, the evidence was just overwhelming. In case you aren’t familiar with this Hosea 9:11 woman, she is a self-proclaimed feminist who says abortion isn’t murder, Karen Swallow Prior, she’s a “research fellow” for the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC (as we pointed out several days ago, “research fellow” is a made-up title handed out to leftists who work as hatchet men for Russell Moore, the former Democratic staffer who now runs the organization). Prior, who thinks pets go to Heaven because naming them “gives them personhood” is on record saying that animal cruelty bothers her more than abortion

Prior praised the “It Gets Better Campaign,” which is a pro-LGBT campaign targeted at youth and children and produced videos from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton encouraging kids in their homosexuality. Prior endorsed the use of gay porn propaganda in high schools and colleges. Prior headlined an LGBT film-fest and fundraiser called Level Ground. Prior also endorsed the LGBT Revoice Conference, which has by now been resoundingly rejected as pro-gay by just about everybody who’s anybody (except for Dr. Prior, who continues to endorse it in spite of it being gay-affirming). Prior has given affirming words towards the anti-cop hate-group, Black Lives Matter. Prior ridiculed Mike Pence for following the Billy Graham Rule. Prior promotes and supports illegal immigration. Prior says that poor people in bad neighborhoods shouldn’t have firearms. Many have noted Prior’s political liberalism, including Janet Mefferd, who asks when she’ll be held accountable.

And in the latest news from Prior, she did an interview on MPR news, as she began to complain about Christianity being too conservative. Although the entire interview is incredibly liberal and intentionally subversive to Biblical Christianity, at roughly the 17.30 mark, you can hear some of the worst stuff at about the 21-minute-mark. You can find the audio here.

Chris Bolt, who is still blogging (but on the side of Social Justice now), wrote back in 2015.

JD could be a force for good, but he goes well out of his way to assign labels to people when they just don’t fit. His labels don’t fit, that is, unless you buy into his conspiracy-laden world where sophomoric Truther arguments wrapped in zeal suffice for Scriptural proof of wrong doing. Categorizing people as “gay-affirming” and “socially progressive” and “liberal” can, sometimes, be helpful. It can also shut off critical thinking. It is also a handy tool for poisoning the well or dismissing someone out of hand. JD’s complaints here are full of misquotes, inaccuracies, quotations ripped from their contexts, false accusations, guilt by association, and the like.

Chris Bolt didn’t do a follow-up to his blog post when KSP endorsed the Revoice Conference.

I think it’s safe to say whose side history is on when it comes to this scornful and rebellious woman.