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Janet Mefferd Takes on Karen Swallow Prior, Asks When She’ll Be Held Accountable

News Division

Pulpit & Pen was the first to sound the alarm bell about the gay-affirming research fellow at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention, Karen Swallow Prior (KSP). In our post, Gay Affirming Research Fellow at ERLC, Shocking Liberalism, we explained that Swallow Prior exhibited behavior, associations, and speech that was affirming to those who had and practiced Same Sex Attraction (SSA). James White soon-after confirmed, in his opinion, that Swallow Prior had used gay-affirming language in her writing. Pulpit & Pen took the full brunt of wrath from many in evangelicalism who saw the feminist leader as a benign novelty, with at least one Pulpit & Pen contributor resigning due to our explicitly and meticulously documented claims. Thankfully, many have gone on to see that KSP is exactly who we have claimed her to be. One of these is syndicated radio host, Janet Mefferd.

KSP on the red carpet with her “gay besties” at the Level Ground LGBT Fundraiser

To recap our research regarding KSP, who is both a research fellow at the ERLC and an English Literature professor at Liberty University:

KSP regularly associates with and wrote for Sojourner’s Magazine, the publication that has financially benefited from the politically-oriented cash of George Soros.

KSP “chose not to take a side on the gay marriage issue.”

KSP has been cited by gay activists as their inspiration.

KSP promoted the “It Gets Better Campaign,” which affirms LGBTQ youth in their homosexuality.

KSP attended the “Level Ground” LGBT fundraising event, using soft and compromising terms to speak of the sin of homosexuality.

(All of the above were cited from primary sources in this post)

Likewise, other facts came to light about KSP:

KSP promotes illegal immigration (follow this link for primary sources).

KSP promotes gay Black Lives Matter activists (follow this link for primary sources).

KSP said that abortion was not murder and calling abortion murder is unchristlike (follow this link for primary sources).

KSP demanded an end to industrialized farming and modern animal husbandry, even if it destroys the economy and people suffer as a result (follow this link for primary sources).

KSP was chosen as a Change Agent in evangelical circles for radical animal rights by animal rights groups as early as 2007 (follow this link for primary sources).

KSP promoted Fun Home, gay erotic propaganda (follow this link for primary sources).

KSP congratulated Rachel Held Evans and lauded her appointment to Obama’s White House council (follow this link for primary sources).

And if those aren’t enough, there are many more links here. In spite of the evidence, the social media socialite is still supported by many in the “Reformed” blogosphere including Kofi Adu Boahen, Mr. and Mrs. Erin Harding, and more. For some, digging-in seems to be a hobby.

For Janet Mefferd and her recent guest, Tom Littleton, however, they knew exactly the role that KSP was playing in the current Tet Offensive of Social Justice Warriors who are hell-bent on replacing the Gospel of Grace for the gospel of justice. You can listen below to what is a very, very good podcast conversation between Littleton and Mefferd.

Karen Swallow Prior is mentioned in two different timestamps; the first is at 15:22.

Littleton says (at roughly 15:22):

The ERLC fellow, Karen Swallow Prior, has come out and endorsed [social justice garbage]. This is Russell Moore’s gal-pal who he found up at Liberty and she has already been on the fringes with the LGBT and some of their entertainment celebrations. So, we’re already seeing this mainlined in the SBC and PCA churches that are under the influence of the Gospel coalition.

Mefferd later adds (at 21:07):

At what point, when you see all of the tentacles going off in an event like this and touching repeatedly on people from The Gospel Coalition and the [ERLC] of the Southern Baptist Convention, at what point do those leaders have to answer for all the garbage they’re involved in?…Karen Swallow Prior, a research fellow at ERLC. At what point do these leaders need to answer to the people.

It was a fantastic episode from Mrs. Mefferd, and you should really listen. However, if you want to hear us say these same things more than three years ago, you can listen to old podcasts of the Polemics Report at Bible Thumping Wingnut.