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Robin Breaks Free of Beth Moore

My name is Robin.  I am a Baptist from Oklahoma and I have broken free from Beth Moore.

At one time in my life, I was the biggest Beth Moore “fan” out there. I participated in her Bible studies, attended numerous Living Proof Live events, and when I couldn’t attend one in person, I found a nearby simulcast. I also attended the Deeper Still Conference which featured Beth alongside Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur.  I even went into premature labor with my 3rd child at Living Proof Live in Fort Worth and had to be put on 3 months of bedrest! Now that’s commitment! The reason I loved Beth was because she actually taught from the Bible. I have never had an affinity for Women of Faith and similar women’s conferences that featured celebrity Christian ladies merely telling their stories and promoting their books. I am a learner by nature and Beth Moore taught from scripture. Beth had a sweet nature and sense of humor.  I loved Beth.

I was first made aware of Beth Moore when I was a young wife.  My husband was the youth and music minister at the time at a small church.  I was a typical 20-something ministry wife and mother in a typical small Oklahoma church where the pastor’s wife was facilitating the typical Beth Moore study – A Heart Like His. The experience was just what I had always been searching for – a time with other women where I could gain wisdom and insight while digging into scripture! I was hooked.

As the years passed and we moved around to different places in our ministry lives, I continued devouring Beth Moore studies: To Live is Christ, Breaking Free, The Patriarchs, A Woman’s Heart, Daniel…the list goes on and on. I can honestly say that I fell in love with studying scripture while doing Beth Moore studies. In fact, a turning point in my life came while doing her study When Godly People Do Ungodly Things. God broke my heart in pieces over past sins and brought me to a place of repentance that had been over a decade coming. It made such an impact in my life that I led that particular study no less than five times in women’s groups. So, I am not one to say that I never got anything from a Beth Moore study or that doing her studies was fruitless.

One thing that I had always appreciated was that Beth openly and without apology claimed her Southern Baptist affiliation. She even said that she did not believe it was right for women to teach men and would not do so. However, as the years went by, I began to sense a shift in her practices. Even so, my heart was so entrenched in my affection for her that I either didn’t heed the red flags; I just brushed them aside. After all, Beth was a Southern Baptist girl!  She was prominent in Lifeway, with her own section in the store.  “She must be okay, right?”  I would tell myself, but as the years passed I began to come across articles about her that told a different story.  I would be confused when I would see internet articles that labeled her a “false teacher.”  I honestly brushed them off as nonsense from the religious fringe.  Then came Wednesdays with Beth on James and Betty Robison’s program Life Today. I was a faithful watcher, even though I began to notice that men were in the audience where she was teaching.  Still I defended her in my mind and in my heart.

At that point in my life, I had been following Beth’s ministry faithfully for at least twenty years.  Thankfully my study of God’s word and my discernment increased.  I must credit it all to God for softening my heart where Beth Moore was concerned.  I was beginning to learn about the Word Faith movement.  I had read Charismatic Chaos by John MacArthur.  My heart had begun the shift from a staunchly Arminian biblical view to a more Predestinarian view.  God was working in my heart and I felt like the truth was washing over me like Niagra Falls into a kiddie pool.  I began to search again and read the articles I had seen that had warnings about Beth’s false teaching.  I was coming to realize how immature I was in my faith over all the years that I had been steeped in her study.  The scales had finally been removed.

My turning point to “break free” from Beth Moore came when she began to link arms and hearts with Joyce Meyer, a known heretical Word Of Faith teacher. My heart was broken to see this and that’s when I knew it was over for me.  Beth began making appearances on TBN with Meyer, and also other known Word Faith celebrities such as Lisa Bevere and Christine Caine.  She has also taken part in events at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.  She stands with Jen Hatmaker, the heretical mom-blogger/”Christian” women’s conference speaker who champions gay relationships as “holy.”  The more I saw Beth slipping down this path, the more I took it upon myself to research the criticisms I was seeing about her for myself.  I watched videos of her teaching about visions she was having that she claimed were from God.  These visions showed her that the Roman Catholic “church” was a part of the true Church.  I read quotes of her saying that God had told her to write things down that He was “telling her”. ( I must commend Justin Peters for his ministry and YouTube videos that speak out on this. Some of the most convincing evidence out there is from his trustworthy ministry. ) The more I searched, the more I discovered the mass of evidence that exists that should tell any Christian to avoid her and her ministry.  I don’t necessarily believe she has always been so misguided.  Perhaps celebrity caused her to compromise where she otherwise would have stood firm.

As the years have passed, Beth Moore has spiraled even further downward.  She is now the Social Justice heroine of the evangelical elites.  Her Twitter page is frequently ablaze with calls for the Church to collectively repent for racism and misogyny.  She was a recent participant at the ungodly MLK50 Conference.  I follow Beth on Twitter just to stay informed, and much of what she tweets turns my stomach because it goes so much against biblical truth.

I do not necessarily feel that Beth Moore is purposely misleading people.  However, I do believe she has fallen into serious deception and has become a detriment to the church.  Her theology has become gravely misconstrued.  Her associations with known heretics and charlatans are cause for alarm.  Does no one in her circle recognize this?  If they do, do they not speak out; perhaps because they are enamored with being part of the Christian celebrity culture that surrounds people of Beth’s fame and influence.  I do know one thing: I am thankful to God that my eyes were opened and that I can now hopefully steer others away from Beth Moore.

[Edited By: Seth Dunn]

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Seth Dunn

Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Member of the Evangelical Theological Society Certified Public Accountant