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Explosive Growth at Pulpit & Pen, and How You Can Help

News Division

Pulpit & Pen, praise be to God, is making a difference in the world of theology and worldviews, and has grown beyond our wildest imaginations. We push up against (or exceed) a million readers every single month.

Our U.S. Alexa rank is—as of this afternoon—10,808. By the way, you can add the Alexa chrome extension to your browser here, in case you want to check these facts for yourself.

To give some comparisons (lower is better):

Among Christian News Sites:

Religion News Service (RNS) is 17,756.

Charisma Mag is 30,074.

The Baptist Press is 47,559.

Baptist News Global is 31,422.

The Christian Post is only slightly ahead of us at 7,323.

You might have heard it said that “nobody reads” Pulpit & Pen. If that’s the case, it would have to go for all of the above publications, which (with the exception of the Christian Post) have fewer readers than the Rolex of Polemics Blogs.

Among Christian Blogs: is 72,675. is 117,336.

The ERLC is 74,492.

Blog and Mablog (Doug Wilson) is 47,742.

First Things is 20,598. is 254,726.

Grace to You is 17,154.

Striving for Eternity is 110,813.

Founder’s Ministry is 37,011.

SBC Voices is 111,197.

It would be helpful to ask what P&P is offering the reader that these other websites, with fewer readers, are not. Some of them have good theology, and some bad. We would argue it’s not a real theological difference, but P&P excels in bluntness and honesty, which readers prefer.

Other Discernment Sites:

Pirate Christian Radio has no data (too low readership).

Berean Research has no data.

ChurchWatchCentral has no data.

Reformation Charlotte is 40,349.

Worldview Weekend is 242,991.

The GK website has no data.

Meggido Radio has no data.

We love other discernment or polemics sites like Berean Research, Churchwatch Central, Pirate Christian, and Reformation Charlotte, by the way. But we’re thankful that God has so richly blessed our work as to mainstream polemics.

Could you have imagined, only a few short years ago, that a website devoted to polemics would be one of the largest Christian news sites on the Internet? Could you imagine it would have more readers than all Southern Baptist websites combined?


Readership isn’t the only determining factor of growth (although it’s pretty important).

P&P’s research and opinion pieces have been cited this year in everything from smaller discernment blogs all the way to the New York Times.

These are just a sample of the publications that have cited or sourced Pulpit & Pen in their research and stories.

Here’s a screenshot from a video on The Today Show featuring the logo of Pulpit & Pen.

Those outside the dusty, angry corner of the New Calvinist and SBC Internet haven’t got the memo that they’re supposed to be boycotting P&P. They have always found our material useful.


One measure of P&P’s success has been those who hate us. Consider this from the famous gay Anglican priest, Sam Allberry.

We would provide other screenshots of hateful attacks on our publication from leftists, homosexuals, and fake Christians, but it would pretty much be endless. For example, the words of Joe Carter—a contributor (and editor) at The Gospel Coalition and board member at the ERLC, angry we exposed one of his writers as pro-gay marriage.

Here (below), a Gospel Coalition contributor begs the tech giant, Facebook, to ban our publication.


Some of the major publications that Pulpit & Pen squashes in readership are funded by million-dollar grants. Consider, for example, that RNS (with half the readership of P&P) is funded by the Lily Foundation Grant, a left-leaning philanthropic organization from Indiana and is in partnership with the Associated Press.

We are funded only by our ad sponsors and by Patrons.

These companies are funded by millions, and we are funded by tens of thousands of dollars. They have paid staffs. We have (mostly) volunteers. They have office complexes. We have a pastor’s study inside a church building and a bunch of volunteers on mobile devices.

What God is doing through P&P is very Gideon-like. He is doing much with very little.


If you would like to advertise your product or service on P&P, please contact us at talkback@pulpitandpen.

If you would consider supporting us on Patreon for exclusive audio content, tshirts, or theology books, click here.

If you would like to support our GoFundMe project, click here.

If you would like to join our email list (highly recommended), click here.

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Our main goal is to demonstrate for the world the glory of God by teaching them the value of theological polemics and Biblical discernment. There are so few doing it, but the need is so great. Please pray that we continue to thrive in an environment so hostile to our cause.

Semper Reformanda!