Charismatic Prophet-Pastor Cited Scripture While Molesting Girl

Cesar Guerrero

An Ohio pastor recently admitted in court to citing Scripture to his underaged abuse victim, during his molestation of her. Just as tragically, she was seeing him for counseling due to previous abuse.

According to local press outlets near Sharonsville, Ohio, Cesar Guerrero, 38, of Mision Cristiana El Calvario Church (a charismatic Hispanic congregation), was arrested Wednesday for molesting and/or raping an underaged congregant, and he claimed his abuse of her would help “cleanse” her, somehow.

The court affidavit states that Guerrero is listed as “Prophet of God” at his church. The incident occurred on July 30.

When someone claims to have the gift of prophecy, they have deceived themselves and are deceiving others. There is nothing that makes any pastor as untrustworthy as claiming, “God spoke to me.” That claim, which contradicts Hebrews 1:1, is sure to follow with self-serving personal indulgence.

Charismaticism (the belief that prophecy continues today outside the Bible) is contrasted with Cessationism, the orthodox and historic Christian belief that God has given all the direct and divine revelation he will give already through the Holy Scriptures. When people believe otherwise, it sometimes gets tragic.

Guerrero confessed to the crime to local police and also acknowledged using Scripture during the molestation.

As a prophet, he should have seen that arrest coming.