Dear Woke Evangelicals, Now Your Homies Are Coming for Monuments to Luther

America’s Woke Religionists have been cheering the destruction of monuments to Confederate leaders, most of whom – like General Forrest, General Lee, and General Jackson – came to repudiate slavery and lived exemplary Christian lives. But wokeness is strong in leftwing Christianity, especially in the Neo-Reformed branch associated with groups funded by dark-money donations from George Soros and James Riady like The Gospel Coalition and Reformed Theological Seminary. Ligon Duncan and the Mississippi Baptist Convention, for example, just virtue-twerked themselves into a coma calling for the removal of the Stars-and-Bars from the state flag.

And now, the history of the Reformation is in jeopardy from their race-baiting.

PNP News publisher, JD Hall, warned that Social Justice was consuming this branch of evangelicalism at the Judge Not Conference in 2017 (watch below). The warnings have proven prophetic.

As supposedly Reformed(ish) institutions like Southern Baptist Theological Seminary under the leadership of Albert Mohler have doubled-down on teaching Critical Race Theory (their provost – who once claimed he “is a racist” under the tenets of CRT – just tweeted out support for Black Nationalists and #BlackLivesMatter protestors), the chickens are coming home to roost.

PNP News pointed out last week that tearing down statues and monuments to historic leaders is not about racism, but is instead about ripping apart the foundations of Western Civilization. We wrote about that in the article, Tearing Down Statues Isn’t Political, It’s Religious Iconoclasm.

Well, now they’re coming for the Reformer, Martin Luther.

Forward, a radically leftwing Jewish publication is calling for the destruction of 8 monuments to founders or heroes of Western Civilization including General Patton (who helped win WWII and saved Jews from the Holocaust), Henry Ford, Ulysses S. Grant (who helped the Union win the Civil War and free the slaves) and…Martin Luther.

The publication writes…

Luther, the founder of Protestantism, harbored a hatred of Jews that would influence Europe for centuries. The official Protestant organizations of Germany and Norway officially condemned Luther’s anti-Semitism in 2015.

Owing to his historical and theological significance, statues of Luther are still present at Protestant universities and seminaries across the United States. But there is one monument to him sitting on public lands: an 18-foot-tall statue in Baltimore administered by the city’s department of parks and recreation. The statue was erected in 1936 and had a rededication ceremony in 2011.

The agenda of these Woke Religionist iconoclasts should be clear…they want to dismantle the very foundations of our civilization. Nothing is sacred to these Barbarians, including the heroes of the Protestant Reformation.

When Luther is toppled, blame Albert Mohler’s faculty, Russell Moore, Ligon Duncan, and The Gospel Coalition. They’ve been begging for the very ideology that will rip apart the heritage of the Protestant Reformation.