New Video Shows Mohler's Provost Teaching Critical Race Theory (AGAIN)

New Video Shows Mohler’s Provost Teaching Critical Race Theory (AGAIN)

Albert Mohler’s conservatism is reduced to soundbites on his radio program and rhetoric in his writing. His behavior demonstrates without plausible refutation that not only is Albert Mohler a double-minded man (James 1:8) he is a double-agent working on behalf of progressive liberalism in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Mohler promised conservative pastors in a closed-door meeting earlier this year that he was “on our side,” that Southern Baptist Theological Seminary trustees were liberals and he was trying to ideologically subvert them, and he promised in The Federalist that no one teaching Critical Race Theory would be employed in his seminary.

However, a video released from provost Matthew Hall later in the year, in which Hall was teaching textbook Critical Race Theory (CRT) was exposed and Mohler then scrubbed the video. He chose to renew Hall’s contract after that fact. This publication also released 14 pages of class notes from another SBTS professor, Jarvis Williams, teaching textbook CRT at the seminary.

Now, a new video has been discovered of SBTS provost, Matthew Hall, teaching textbook CRT. Mohler has yet to respond to the find, but it demonstrates that Mohler’s assertion that Hall “is not dangerous” is flatly false, considering Mohler himself has condemned CRT in his writing and podcast and claimed it would not be taught at his seminary.

Albert Mohler is a liar. He is a demonstrable, provable, repeated liar.

He is not a man of integrity. He is a wicked and dishonest liar.

In the clip below, Matthew Hall calls himself a racist “because he has a heartbeat.” Hall is teaching in the Q&A session of his lecture that everyone is a racist. This is a tenet of Critical Race Theory.

Hall’s words are nearly identical to those in the video deleted by Albert Mohler for “not being helpful,” in which he admitted to being both a racist and a white supremacist in a podcast interview.

Please note that the student, echoing the words of Hall, also claims he is a “recovering racist,” says “the problem is white people,” and that we live in a “white supremacist culture” and we all pick up racism everywhere we go through [what is essenitally] microaggressions.

Hall nods in affirmation and agrees with the student.

To watch the full video in context, it is posted below (pertinent remarks are at the 1:19:00 mark.

PS: If Mohler has this taken down, we’ll put it right back up again under our own account.

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