A Double-Minded Man: Albert Mohler’s Explicit Contradictions

The two faces of Albert Mohler; Mohler and James Cone (the father of Critical Race Theory).

As we explained in the article, The Two Faces of Albert Mohler: Beware the Phone Call Mind-Meld, Mohler is a double-minded man. On one hand, he swears that he is opposing Critical Race Theory with all of his vigor, and yet it is being strongly promoted in his seminaries by leaders he hand-selected. It seems that Mohler is trying to put up conservative front for conservative Southern Baptist donors, but undermine conservative Southern Baptist beliefs.

Albert Mohler’s lead man at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Will Hall, recently did a video in which he espoused – word for word – the tenets of Critical Race Theory. Keep in mind that this is the man, underneath Mohler, who runs the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. And in that CRT-espousing video, Hall acknowledges being a White Supremacist.

Of course, under Critical Race Theory, such an admission isn’t career-ending, because under that system all white people are White Supremacists, and it’s actually virtue-signaling to say so. If you tried to click on the link for Hall’s video, it would say, “File Not Found.”

However, in an article in The Federalist, Mohler admits to having scrubbed the evidence of Matt Hall teaching CRT from his own website.

The article at The Federalist reads…

When asked why one of Hall’s articles on the Southern Seminary website affirming critical race theory was scrubbed, Mohler replied forthrightly, “Because I asked for it to be scrubbed. It was because I did not think it was helpful…If I thought Matt Hall was a danger to the church of Jesus Christ, he would not be the provost of Southern Baptist Seminary.”

To make the point of Mohler’s contradictions clear, here’s what Matt Hall, head of SBTS, said…

This, of course, is textbook Critical Race Theory. It is literally, word for word, a citation of CRT verbiage, ideas, and concepts.

Mohler says he’s against this, and won’t allow anyone at SBTS teach it. Here’s what Mohler said…

Mohler truly does have two faces. Sometimes he just shows them at the exact same time.

If Mohler knows what Critical Race Theory is (and he does), he knows that Matt Hall is teaching it (and Hall is), and Mohler promised that no one would teach it at SBTS, but says that Hall is not a danger and won’t be firing him (or apparently even censuring him).

Mohler may very well suffer the same ailment of inconsistency as Dr. MacArthur who said, “I will fight against false teaching, but I will not fight against my friends.” Perhaps its this attitude, born in the heart of Dr. MacArthur, that has infected Dr. Mohler and will be the downfall of evangelicalism as a whole.

he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways (James 1:8)

[Editor’s Note: HT Jacob Brunton for the memes]

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