Cru Scrubs Audio of Gospel Coalition Contributor Endorsing Gay Marriage

We wrote about a Gospel Coalition writer and contributor endorsing gay marriage at the Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) event in this article last week. We pointed out that Gilson is scheduled to speak at an upcoming Women’s Training Network event hosted by TGC, and that Albert Mohler, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, and others are knowingly endorsing this subversive lesbian teacher. But now, Cru has deleted the audio links.

When you click the links provided in the post, Gospel Coalition Writer/Speaker Comes Out in Support for Gay Marriage, you now get a 404 error message.

The website itself was revamped to remove Gilson from its public videos altogether, as though Gilson was never there and the talks never happened. Notice who’s missing.

They have put Gilson’s talk behind a Cru log-in link so that only staff people can have access to her gay-affirming sermons.

Indeed, the website says that only staff can view the content now. This was not done in previous years, and was only done after we revealed Gilson’s gay-affirming talks.

This is just one of many Social Justice, liberalizing, gay-affirming sermons associated with the Gospel Coalition that have gone missing in recent weeks.

The Gospel Coalition and “Big Eva” don’t clarify, retract, or repent; they only remove.

However, Gilson is still scheduled to speak at The Gospel Coalition’s event in September (along with another lesbian, Rebecca McLaughlin).

[Editor’s Note: You can still find the audio on the Wayback Machine here: