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The Two Faces of Albert Mohler: Beware the Phone Call Mind-Meld

News Division

Albert Mohler with two faces. The other one is James Cone’s.

Albert Mohler is spending a lot of time on the phone, convincing Social Justice contras that he’s on our side. But, his public behavior shows the opposite.

I spent some time yesterday calling Dallas Statement signers to see how many of them have personally spoken with Albert Mohler in recent weeks, up to two months. The answer was virtually all of them.

Then, I began to call some more notable friends who weren’t necessarily Dallas Statement signers, but who run various organizations or are people of influence (my Rolodex is as large as it is discreet). How many of them have personally spoken with Albert Mohler in recent weeks? The answer was virtually all of them.

Most had the same conversation. Albert Mohler wanted them to know the following things:

  1. He opposes Critical Race Theory, and anyone caught teaching it at SBTS would be fired if it were up to him.
  2. He doesn’t have control of SBTS, and everyone on his board is to the left of him politically.
  3. He is equally as concerned about Social Justice as we are, and admits that it has gotten out of control, with a strong leftward trend in the SBC. Mohler also pledges to fight it.
  4. He opposes egalitarianism, and knows that “soft complementarianism” is the same thing under a new name.
  5. He promises to no longer promote Sam Allberry.
  6. He vigorously reiterates over and again that he should not be placed in the same category as Danny Akin.
  7. He claims that Russell Moore has ‘gone off the rails.’
  8. He admits that “Beth Moore is a problem.”
  9. He is trying to save SBTS, the SBC, and even TGC from the INSIDE, and we should be patient with him because he’s the man to do it.
  10. He says we should not impugn his motives, because privately he’s orchestrating things we can’t see.

Although not everyone I spoke to (about a dozen or so individuals) includes every one of those in their personal conversations with Mohler, that’s a basic summary of the points that most heard from the SBTS president over the phone (or in some cases, in-person).

I would guess about half (or so) of those I spoke to believed – at least, some extent – what they heard from Mohler. Probably only a quarter or so believed him entirely.

This is my plea to not have your mind melded by a phone call from Albert Mohler or another ‘woke’ but once-upon-a-time ‘conservative’ leader. Don’t be that person who’s brainwashed over the phone or inculcated by flattering speech.

Ask the question, “Does what I’m being told privately match-up with what that person is doing publicly?”

After a few hours of phone calls to see exactly what Mohler had been telling people privately, I saw the article at the Baptist Press, Akin, Mohler, Dispute Claim of SBC Liberal Drift.

In his statements to the Baptist Press, Mohler basically contradicted everything he has been saying privately in his attempt to reassure Social Justice contras he’s on our side.

He told us privately he’s concerned about the leftward drift. He told the Baptist Press there is no leftist drift.

Albert Mohler says he opposes Critical Race Theory, but doesn’t do anything about Will Hall teaching it as dean of Southern and doesn’t say a single thing about James Cone being venerated at SEBTS.

Albert Mohler says not to lump him in with Danny Akin, but publicly calls Akin his “best friend” and publicly signals they’re perfectly unified.

Albert Mohler says that he will stand against egalitarianism, but he’s on boards overseeing an endless parade of women preachers who are promoting egalitarianism.

Albert Mohler says he won’t platform Sam Allberry, yet he’s doing precisely that through his leadership at TGC.

Albert Mohler privately says there’s a problem with leftism at SBTS and the SBC, but publicly says there’s not.

He’s got two faces. And until he stands up publicly, one of those faces might as well be James Cone’s.

“he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways” – James 1:8