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Audio: The Real Reason James White is Silent on Albert Mohler

Audio: The Real Reason James White is Silent on Albert Mohler

P&P Communications Manager, Cody Libolt, was repeatedly attacked and insulted by James White for asking him his position on Albert Mohler. Mohler intentionally hired Critical Race Theory advocates at SBTS and kept them on staff, after their CRT was revealed to the world. White will attack those CRT proponents, but not the man platforming, hiring, or promoting them. When Mohler began to ‘like’ attacks on John MacArthur and defenses for Beth Moore done by SBC President JD Greear, Cody thought it important for White to let his real feelings be known.

JD discusses this with Cody and then explains why White has been silent.

There was a secret meeting between Mohler and White (and several other more conservative leaders) after the Founders Conference this year. Mohler claimed his board at SBTS were all liberals and there was nothing he could do about that, except that he would fight as hard as possible “behind the scenes” to stop CRT and Marxism in the SBC. Only a few of the men present believed Mohler, but White was one of them.

In incredible naivety and in spite of overwhelming evidence that Mohler is driving leftism in SBTS and the SBC, White continues to play the sycophant for Mohler.

As one of those in attendance at the Mohler meeting told JD, “It’s as though James White wanted to sit on Mohler’s lap and be petted.”

Other conservative leaders were physically sickened at White’s fanboyism of Mohler and gullibility to believe that Mohler was somehow a secret champion of conservatism while publicly promoting the most liberal forces in the SBC.

And now you will know the rest of the story. James White and assistant Rich Pierce will continue believing Mohler. To them, the problem is the system, not men—when it suits them.

Somehow, Mohler is the victim—powerless in his own seminary.

James White and Rich Pierce rightly say the problem is too big to fix merely by telling the truth about Mohler and Akin. Then they jump to “Let’s not tell the truth about Mohler and Akin.” That is a self-serving rationalization.

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God Bless, Cody Libolt

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