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Uh-Oh: 14 Pages of Jarvis Williams’ SBTS Class Notes Teaching CRT, False Gospel Now Released

News Division

Albert Mohler keeps telling donors that no one at SBTS is teaching Critical Theory. He’s lying.

Pulpit & Pen is releasing 14 pages of class hand-outs from Jarvis Williams at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS). The hand-outs, created by Williams, demonstrates that he has taught radicalized Critical Theory, a false gospel, and is trying to indoctrinate SBC students with theological and political leftism. The Scripture-twisting demonstrated in these documents is truly stomach-turning.

Albert Mohler claimed in August that, “No one is going to be teaching at Southern Seminary from the ‘other side’” “of postmodern, critical theory.” He has similarly made promises to donors of SBTS, over which he serves as president, that anyone teaching Critical Theory would be removed from their position.

Since Mohler’s pledge that no one is teaching Critical Theory at SBTS, at least three professors have been exposed as explicitly and ongoingly teaching the subversive doctrines.

In fact, just days after Matthew Hall was exposed espousing Critical Race Theory (CRT) and calling himself a “racist” struggling with “white supremacy” on video, Mohler tweeted out a photo of him happily signing the seminary’s Confession of Faith.

Enemies Within the Church posted video of three SBTS professors promoting CRT, including an assistant professor, Jarvis Williams. Williams has been a vocal voice for progressivism, liberal theology, racial disunity and ideas like White Privilege and White Guilt, which are all staples of belief within Critical Race Theory.

A concerned student at SBTS reached out to Pulpit & Pen with 14 pages of class notes and handouts given by Jarvis Williams. The contents are jaw-dropping.

Southern Baptists should be aware that the authentic gospel is being systematically denied at their seminary and is being replaced with leftist progressivism and sinister vain philosophy and empty deceit (Colossians 2:8).

This is the first paragraph of the class notes.

You may need to click this to enlarge it on your mobile device.

Please note that Williams writes that he seeks to accomplish several things:

  1. To redefine “race” to include all categories of identity, which is the fundamental tenet of Critical Race Theory. IE, “race” applies to various ethnic, economic, gender, sexual, and oppressed identity groups. This idea was created by Kimberle Crenshaw and Derrick Bell, the political organizers who created CRT.
  2.  To redefine “gospel” as something other than Justification by Faith, but to mingle it with sanctification.
  3. To redefine soteriology as not about salvation, but about obedience.

Our contention is that (1) there is not a Christian scholar of any renown who has any credibility among serious theological thinkers who wouldn’t understand that the latter two objectives of Williams is pure heresy. Likewise, we contend (2) there’s no political scientist on the left or the right who wouldn’t automatically identify Williams’ first objective as textbook Critical Race Theory.

Teaching Marxist-influenced political theory is one thing, but changing the gospel is another. Here, Williams argues that the gospel isn’t really about justification. What Williams is doing is making room for the “Social Gospel” at SBTS.

Williams said, “…many interpreters wrongly reduce the definition of the gospel to entry vocabulary. That is, when some define gospel, they describe it as justification by faith or repentance and believing. Others define gospel as the message of the cross and resurrection of Jesus. Although these are certain aspects of Paul’s gospel, they do not exhaust what he or the bible means by the concept of gospel.”

Of course, it is the Apostle Paul who defines “Gospel” this way in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4…

For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures,

Williams extrapolates the use of the word εὐαγγέλιον (Good News) from historical usage, cultural use, and the Greek Septuagint to assert that the word simply means a “declaration of mercy.” In doing so, Williams has room to claim that any act of mercy (like acts of so-called “Social Justice” fit under the category of “Gospel”).

Williams then argues that “racial reconciliation is not an implication of the Gospel, it is a Gospel issue…”

You can see the 14 pages of class notes from Williams here.

Thankfully, SBTS students and former students are the most vocal critics of the liberalism being taught at the seminary. While they’re afraid to come forward publicly, they are willing to send Pulpit & Pen the truth about what’s happening at the leftward-turning institution.