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We Should be Prayer Shaming Albert Mohler

Cody Libolt

Albert Mohler with Matthew Hall, self-described racist or CRT advocate

We should be prayer shaming Albert Mohler.

It will unite the movement against the subversive agenda of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality that are killing our institutions.

Prayer shame Albert Mohler today. And prayer shame the rest of the corrupt institutional leaders who say one thing and do another.

Pray like this:

God in heaven, Judge of all the earth, please care for the souls of those who have become enemies within the Church.

I pray this as a sinner myself, knowing that my only hope is in the saving and transforming work of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Bring them to repentance and to peace with your true Church.

I ask that you would change the hearts of the following men and women who are senselessly dividing the church by spreading or enabling lies.

Albert Mohler
Jonathan Merritt
Jason Allen
Kyle J. Howard
Russell Moore
Karen Swallow Prior
Danny Akin
Thabiti Anyabwile
Mark Dever
Beth Moore
Jonathan Leeman
Sam Allberry
Anthony Bradley
Mike Cosper
JD Greear
Walter Strickland
Adam Greenway
Eric Mason
Timothy Keller
Ray Ortlund
Don Carson
Rebecca McLaughlin
James Merritt
Ronnie Floyd
Ligon Duncan
Jemar Tisby
Matt Chandler
Dave Miller
Brent Aucoin
Greg Forster

I ask the same for the hundreds and even thousands more people like these 30 who are harming churches today.

Bring them to godly sorrow and repentance for their role in enabling the false teachings of Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, social justice, and many other false ideologies to take foot within churches.

Let them become a testimony to what you do with sinners.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.