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The Gospel Coalition Compares Kyle Rittenhouse to Mass shooter Dylan Roof

The Gospel Coalition, seemingly on a suicide mission to shed whatever last vestiges it had as a credible gospel-centered organization, released an article by member Dr. K. Edward Copeland that compared the actions of 17-year Kyle Rittenhouse who shot three assailants in self-defense in Kenosha, to the Charleston Church shooter Dylan Roof. The post, which … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Might, May, Possibly, Sorta, Maybe, Likely, Want Churches to Stop Congregational Singing

As churches across the nation finally start to gather again for Sunday services in obedience to God’s Word (after several months of disobedience), there is no shortage of authorities who are seeking to regulate how it must be done. In Germany, churches that are open have stopped singing altogether – a condition imposed by the government in order to be allowed to have services. Other governments are recommending that … Read more

Citing ‘Frozen,’ The Gospel Coalition Says Artists are Prophets and Intercessors

There is definitely a hoity-toity, pinky-stuck-out, latte-sipping, scarf-wearing, queer vibe at The Gospel Coalition these days. And it’s not just from the whole gaggle of lesbians who write for the social justice organization (there’s quite a few including Rachel Gilson, Rebecca McLaughlin, Jackie Hill Perry, and so on). The organization seems to be influenced largely … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Says “Capitalism is Dangerous” in Latest Political Propaganda Video

The Gospel Coalition, a political organization funded by Socialist dark money that masquerades as a religious 501(c)3, is busy promoting the talking points of progressive faux-Christianity. In the latest video produced and published by TGC, entitled Thinking Christianity About the Economy, two speakers went through a bullet-point of Marxist talking points and alleged that it … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Runs Post Attacking Capitalism, Promoting Elizabeth Warren Supporter

Marxism violently killed 94 million people in the 20th Century. More than a hundred million Marxists starved to death while Capitalist nations flourished. And yet, Marxism is making in-roads into American evangelicalism, and one of its more prominent publications, The Gospel Coalition, lamented Capitalism as being contrary to “human dignity.” The latest pro-Marxist propaganda to … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Claims Jesus “Struggled” with Same-Sex Attraction

[Australia] The Australian edition of The Gospel Coalition put forward an interview with Ed Shaw, who founded Living Out with Sam Allberry. Living Out and Sam Allberry have been widely supported by The Gospel Coalition in the United States, as well as by the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Although some of … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Promotes a Conference Pushing the Rainbow to Tweens

Watch out Christian parents. This Gospel Coalition author wants to help your 11 year old accept being gay as “a really, really positive thing.” The Gospel Coalition recently promoted a 3 day “Liberty” event in Sydney, Australia, a conference to promote the inclusion of ”sexual minorities”in evangelical churches led by gay pastor Ed Shaw. Shaw … Read more

The Gospel Coalition’s Militant Lesbian Denounces America

A militant lesbian and angry Social Justice advocate who is a favorite of The Gospel Coalition has denounced America. Jackie Hill Perry, who is married to a man but who is still attracted to females and carries herself in a quite masculine demeanor, is quickly setting herself up as the Colin Kaepernick of evangelicalism. Perry, … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Suggests Dumbing Down Your Sermons For Non-Whites

The Gospel Coalition is anything but gospel — it is a subversive left-wing political organization hell-bent on enslaving minorities and keeping them enslaved to government and religion. The organization, which is run by the Cultural Marxist, Tim Keller — who says you’re lacking the evidence of salvation if you’re not practicing social justice — operates … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Says Not to Dissuade Clients from Giving Money to Planned Parenthood

In a question-and-answer column today, a TGC columnist received a question from a reader who is an attorney, who asked what to do if his client wanted to give money to Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly anymore, The Gospel Coalition contributor told them not to overtly dissuade them from giving money to the abortion … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Now Treating Food Allergies as a “Gospel Issue”

It’s basically like self-parody. The Latte Mafia over at The Gospel Coalition have somehow managed to turn everything into a so-called “gospel issue.” There is not a single progressive, bleeding heart talking point that these limp-wristed Soy Boys can’t twist a Bible verse to promote. They must let no virtue go unsignaled. We’ve made fun … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Reinforces Redefinition of “Complementarian”

The Gospel Coalition, a progressive political organization funded by millions of dollars in mysterious dark money, is continuing to push America’s churches to the left. On the heels of the complementarian debate sparked by Beth Moore’s slamming of conventional gender roles, The Gospel Coalition is now actively redefining the term, ‘complementarian.’ TGC, which is stacked … Read more

Is The Gospel Coalition Editor, Joe Carter, a Shameless Racist?

In a shocking turn of events, three-year-old words from Joe Carter have resurfaced that self-impugn him of racism. Carter is an editor for The Gospel Coalition, a progressive political organization designed to infiltrate evangelicalism for the sake of pushing the demographic leftward. Carter is also the ‘Communications Specialist’ at the SBC’s wildly progressive Ethics and … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Attacks Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson has gleaned more understanding about God and his created order from natural revelation than leftist Christians have gleaned about God and his created order from special revelation. I started with the strongest statement on this issue I could make, and did so to form the thesis of this article. Jordan Peterson, who is … Read more

The Gospel Coalition’s Thabiti Anyabwile Lauds Foul-Mouthed Gun-Grabber

Albert Mohler recently said at the Shepherd’s Conference Q&A that those people he ‘platforms’ speaks for his position on Social Justice. That’s a fair assessment, and we agree completely. Albert Mohler platforms, through Southern Seminary, The Gospel Coalition (he is a council member) and his social media the most radical leftists in evangelicalism. Most recently, … Read more