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The Gospel Coalition Suggests Dumbing Down Your Sermons For Non-Whites

The Gospel Coalition is anything but gospel — it is a subversive left-wing political organization hell-bent on enslaving minorities and keeping them enslaved to government and religion. The organization, which is run by the Cultural Marxist, Tim Keller — who says you’re lacking the evidence of salvation if you’re not practicing social justice — operates on the assumption that minorities are incapable of taking care of themselves and whites must step in and save them.

From calls for monetary slave reparations to various forms of affirmative action in schools, seminaries, and the job market, The Gospel Coalition is undoubtedly the epicentre of anti-gospel social justice.

In a recent article by Matt Dirks entitled How Your Church Can Look More Like Your Neighborhood, Dirks suggests that pastors dumb down their sermons in order to cater to non-whites in the neighborhood. He writes,

We knew they weren’t going to come listen to seminary-lecture style sermons, so we began to manuscript each sermon and run it through an online grade-level analyzer. I discovered that my sermons were averaging a 10th-grade level, so I started using simpler phrases and words to get them down around a 5th-grade level. My aim hasn’t been to patronize, but to communicate God’s Word effectively to our hearers.

We’ve also chosen simpler songs. God was saving folks coming out of serious drug addiction, and some of them would say: “When we sing these hymns, my brain just can’t keep up with all the words.” We loved our hymns, but we decided to sing fewer in favor of simpler sung worship.

Of course, this is the very definition of patronizing. As Christians, we don’t dumb our exegesis down for people, we educate people and aim to bring them to a deep understanding of God’s revelation. It is the very epitome of patronizing racism to do otherwise — to assume that non-whites are incapable of learning on a higher level and to do so based on the color of their skin.