Illegal Aliens are BUYING Children to Cross U.S. Border

Rep. Andrea Ocasio Cortez crying at U.S. border detainment facility, as a part of a bleeding heart photo-op

According to Mexican authorities, illegal aliens are buying children to traffic them across the border so if they get caught, Americans will pity them and give them quicker passage under political pressure.

U.S. officials have been warning for some time that the photos you see of migrants with their children at our border facilities may be of human traffickers who stole or purchased those children. Many reports have circulated that a large percentage of children brought in illegally are not related to the adults they’re with (DNA tests reveal it’s up to 30%), a claim that has been largely ignored by America’s left. However, Mexican authorities are now backing up that claim and are warning that Americans assisting the unlawful entry of non-Citizens into the United States are actually helping child traffickers.

According to the Seattle Times, human traffickers are buying – and in some cases, stealing – children from mothers in places like the impoverished city of Tijuana. They know that if they cross the border as a “family” their odds are far better at being released into the American population. The children are then either abandoned or enter a life of physical labor or sexual servitude.

Antonia Portillo Cruz told the newspaper, “They want to rob our kids so they can cross into the United States. I can’t go to work because I can’t take my eyes off my boys.”

Reportedly, a Honduran migrant witnessed coyotes trying to purchase children from their parents at homeless shelters for up to $350 a piece, in order for them to accompany adults across the border and to pose as their children. Mexican authorities are investigating – and have confirmed – that this regularly happens.

Senator Ted Cruz told the press on Monday, “Our policies, the loopholes that Congress has put in place, [are] encouraging people to risk their lives and even more tragically, it’s putting children in harm’s way. Today, roughly 50 percent of the adult men crossing into the Rio Grande sector have a child with them. The reason for that — the fault of that — is the U.S. Congress, because we have told the traffickers … ‘If you bring a child, that child is essentially a get-out-of-jail-free card.’”

Exodus 21:6 says, “He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.”

Christians have the responsibility to enforce secure borders, provide for the safety of fellow Citizens, and do whatever possible to stop the trafficking of human beings across our boundaries.