Citing ‘Frozen,’ The Gospel Coalition Says Artists are Prophets and Intercessors

There is definitely a hoity-toity, pinky-stuck-out, latte-sipping, scarf-wearing, queer vibe at The Gospel Coalition these days. And it’s not just from the whole gaggle of lesbians who write for the social justice organization (there’s quite a few including Rachel Gilson, Rebecca McLaughlin, Jackie Hill Perry, and so on). The organization seems to be influenced largely by butch women and effeminate men, and it’s beginning to show more and more.

A tweet from The Gospel Coalition (TGC) this morning has caused anyone with a whole Bible and half a brain to raise an eyebrow and slack their jaw.

“Are they drunk?” one might ponder?

No, they’re not drunk. They’re just indomitably effeminate. This is the kind of pseudo-intellectual, light-loafered poppycock you would expect from professional students who went to college for drama degrees but switched over to gender studies after having some barren, animal-loving, Karen Swallow Prior clone “speak into their life.”

This is the equivalent of doctrinal vomit. If theology had a gender preference, this article from TGC would be somewhere between Gender Questioning and Transfeminine. This article feels like it stepped straight out of Jonathan Merritt’s closet.

Reformation Charlotte already covered this and I don’t want to steal their thunder, but for mercy’s sake. This is one of the gayest things I’ve ever seen posted at TGC, and that’s no easy feat.

I can only imagine the sugar plum fairies at Tim Keller’s church flailing their limp wrists in an attempt to sissy-clap an applause for this article, pleased that somebody has recognized the intercessory and prophetic position of “artists.”

Aside from having a strong mother-earth vibe (as Reformation Charlotte wrote about), this tight-wearing dandy of an article asserted that Frozen 2 – a film beloved by the LGBTQ lobby because of the not-so-secret story arc that will give Elsa a girlfriend in the third installment – is similar to Paul at Mars Hill.

Interestingly, I preached from Acts 17 yesterday and pointed out that Paul’s use of Aratus’ poetry only lifted it up in order to bring it to scorn. Paul was not elevating, recommending, or celebrating Greek philosophy or poetry. Paul was only referencing the “art” with condemnation, not with commendation.

Adding to my frustration is that this is not the first time TGC used Frozen as an exemplar of Christian thought. I wrote about TGC finding supposed Gospel themes in the (soon-to-be) LGBTQ cartoon back in November.

Everything else aside, who is making the editorial decisions at TGC? Frozen fetish, much? What kind of bardash daffodil is sitting on the couch in his Hello Kitty slippers, watching Frozen 2 in order to write about what Christians can learn from it?

[Contributed by JD Hall]

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