SBC Leader Implies ‘Cradle to Grave’ Socialism is Part of “Pro-Life” Position

We have gone to great strides to detail how the Democrat leader of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Russell Moore, has attempted to redefine what it means to be ‘pro-life.’ Moore has commandeered the term, pro-life, and injected into it a bevy of liberal agenda items. The ERLC has largely abandoned the fight to end abortion, but can still claim to be pro-life because they’ve redefined the term.

For leftists in the SBC, being pro-life supposedly now includes fighting poverty with government welfare programs, lobbying for illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals, and adopting Marxist economic policies. Even Pope Francis has gotten in on the fun of redefinitions, claiming that being pro-life requires being a radical environmentalist.

Danny Akin, who is essentially the Mr. Magoo of the SBC, thought he would throw out the newly redefined pro-life term without much pushback. He was wrong.

Notice that liberals put the word “radical” in front of something when they want to redefine it (for example, Rosaria Butterfield calls her LGBTQ inclusivism “radical hospitality”). In the same breath, Akin goes on to use the catchphrase, “from the moment of conception to natural death.”

Nevermind that the “to natural death” clause was invented by Roman Catholics who oppose the death penalty (it’s doubtful Akin knows that, because Akin doesn’t know much), the phrase has been co-opted by crunchy-cons who jam socialism into the term pro-life.

People responded to Akin appropriately.


We’ll remind you that SBC race-baiting pastor, Dwight McKissic, claimed he voted for Hillary Clinton because of “other pro-life issues” besides abortion.

Don’t fall for the stunt of redefining the term pro-life. It means, and has always meant, outlawing the practice of infanticide. Anything short of that is an Orwellian sacrifice of terms.