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Abortions Now Being Done Over Skype to Circumvent Laws

It seems odd, but abortionists have found intriguing and ever-creative ways to kill people. One way they have discovered to expand their death-reach is to have doctors oversee abortions conducted remotely over Skype or another video conference platform. This allows the abortion industry to circumvent state laws that require the procedure to be performed by a physician.

Republicans are trying to stop it.

The practice is known as “telemedicine” in which doctors are beamed in via video to coach patients on at-home chemical abortions. On Friday, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) introduced the “Teleabortion Prevention Act,” with six co-sponsors.

The law would make it a federal crime for an abortionist to coach a chemical abortion without first physically examining the patient, being there in person, and following up with post-care.

Cassidy said, “Louisiana requires a physician performing an abortion to have admitting rights at a local hospital. This is for the safety of the mother. Teleabortion clearly does not comply.”

A similar law was passed in Oklahoma. Although the abortion industry tried to get an injunction against the law, Oklahoma County District Judge Natalie Mai rejected a motion for a preliminary injunction on Oklahoma’s telemedicine ban, and also rejected a request for an injunction against another state law mandating that only physicians perform abortions.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter said, “Abortion advocates used to say that abortion should be between a woman and her doctor, but now they are attempting to take the doctor out of the room, and out of the picture altogether.”

Various states are now undergoing the process of trying to outlaw this abortion loophole. Democrats are doing their best to ensure dangerous abortions are being conducted with or without the mother’s well-being in mind.