‘Pro-Life’ Label Continues to Be Redefined by Globalists, Marxist Religioinists

We have written before about the ‘pro-life’ label being redefined by pseudo-Christian religious leaders who have a particular ideological bent toward globalism and Marxism. We exposed 16 evangelical leaders arguing that being ‘pro-life’ demanded gun control here. We exposed Russell Moore – the former Democratic staffer and Social Justice warrior who is reshaping America’s largest Protestant denomination – who argued that being pro-life requires open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens here. Most recently, Pope Francis (who is widely acknowledged as a full-fledged Marxist and globalist) argued that being pro-life requires environmental activism.

Francis said on Twitter yesterday, “To defend the earth and to safeguard water is to protect life.”

While people who are by conviction individuals of faith  are widely opposed to the murder of the unborn, Marxist Manchurian candidates in professing Christianity are trying hard to redefine the “pro-life” label, capitalizing on Christian conviction that abortion is wrong in an attempt to rope us in to their unrelated ideology. In short, being “pro-life” refers to a conviction that abortion is wrong (as well as euthanasia), and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Marxist strategies of abolishing borders, confiscating firearms, or advocating environmental activism.

This is a classic example of “bait and switch,” advertising one thing but providing another. We pray that well-meaning people of faith will not fall for the strategy of co-opting or stealing the term pro-life in their attempt to push a radicalized agenda in the name of Jesus.

The Pope’s equating of environmentalism with pro-life ideology is a part of his over-all globalist agenda of uniting the world under the banner of Rome. Environmentalism has been a benchmark strategy of those seeking increased power of government, both federal and international. In the name of “saving the environment,” those who seek for less local control and more government regulations think they have found the means of controlling the population of Planet Earth. In order to save the planet, the message is that people must submit to the savior of mankind, who in their eyes is a strong, globally-centralized government.

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