Charismatics are Date-Setting Doomsday Again, Claiming Asteroid Will Hit in 2029

Stephen Strang, the publisher of Charisma Mag and prominent mover-and-shaker in charismatic media (he set up Relevant Magazine for his son to run, as well), is hypothesizing in his publication that the Bible might just predict an asteroid will hit the Earth in 2029. If you listen to Jim Bakker, who Strang also regularly features, we won’t be around to see it because they Tribulation started years ago.

Charismatic prophecy is less accurate than a coin toss, but that doesn’t stop them from predicting the End of Days on a regular basis. The new date predicted by the charlatans and carnival-barking prophecy hustlers is Friday, April 13, 2029.

Citing “end times expert” Tom Horn, Strang says, “one of the end-times prophecies in Revelation 8 foretells of ‘Wormwood’ striking the earth and causing plagues and darkness.” He then claims that the catastrophe might be caused by an asteroid, “Apophis,” that will be approaching near to the Earth on that date.

What Strang doesn’t tell the his survival-food-bucket customers is that Apophis was discovered in 2004 and only briefly caused a moment of consternation when it was initially estimated that it had a 2.7% chance of hitting Earth in 2029. For a moment in time, astronomists and engineers were hypothesizing ways to knock the asteroid off course. However, subsequent calculations have ruled out a 2029 impact altogether and instead issued 2036 as the year it could potentially hit the Earth.

However, since 2013, calculations indicate the asteroid will not hit the Earth at all, with a probability of impact at zero. The nearest date the asteroid could have an impact with the planet is the year 2068, and even then the probability is one in 168 thousand.

Strang quotes Horn as saying that there is “a mass coverup going on in an attempt to keep chaos from breaking out across the world” and that the initial guess of 2029 was correct and we are doomed.

Not surprisingly, Horn helps Jim Bakker shill survival slop buckets on his infomercial program.

Charismaticism is basically a mental disorder. The Bible tells us not to be date-setting the End Times this way. We are not to be interpreting omens. If the Holy Spirit was involved in charismaticism, we presume they would have more discernment.