Boys Forfeit Wrestling Championship Because They Refused to Hurt Girls, Feminists Outraged

Real men don’t fight, punch, wrestle, or abuse ladies. That’s the message we should be sending our young people. It is a man’s job to protect women, not overpower them. The boys at Notre Dame-Green Pond, a Catholic-affiliated school, refused to wrestle a 106-pound young woman, forfeiting an important match and forgoing the state championship.

Today, the boys are being mocked in the press for not beating up the young woman. The local press says the boy up against her “most certainly would have pinned” the young lady, who had never wrestled a boy in a varsity match. However, the actions of Notre Dame-Green Pond wrestling team are being attacked as chauvinistic.

Yay for feminism. Now, boys can beat up girls for sport and if not, they’re castigated as sexist.

Aaliyana Mateo, the young woman, wanted to wrestle someone to whom she most certainly would have lost, student Evan Maag. Instead, Maag chose to give her the match. Isn’t that being a gentleman?

The Morning Call said of the incident, “With just a little common sense, a necessary step away from the Dark Ages and into the 21st century could be achieved.”

To liberals and deranged feminists, it’s the Dark Ages to not beat up girls and it’s enlightened and progressive to beat up girls.

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