Liberal Evangelical Overlords Come Unglued

This week our Evangelical Overlords seemingly lined up to expose themselves as malicious leftists, one after another. Here are just a handful of observations:

Well-known Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission (ERLC) / The Gospel Coalition (TGC) leader, Ray Ortlund, praised Mitt Romney for voting to convict Trump. Another ERLC/TGC writer (and former Obama staffer!) published a book praising Obama’s faith.

A third ERLC writer, Thomas Kidd, claimed evangelicals support Trump because of hostility toward Muslims and immigrants. On top of that, Kidd claimed it isn’t good that Trump is pro-life.

While the ERLC men are racing to expose themselves as leftists, their friends at Christianity Today have been giving them stiff competition. This week the formerly Christian magazine’s Bob Smietana used pretend pronouns to appease the LGBTQ+.

It was only recently that Christianity Today demonstrated it no longer speaks for conservative Christians when its outgoing Editor-in-Chief Mark Galli called for Trump’s removal. Galli also claimed he didn’t know any Trump supporters, but they must be uneducated and jobless.

Beth Moore applauded Christianity Today for its stand against Donald Trump, all while calling us a jar of nuts!

It is to the great shame of every Southern Baptist that Russell Moore (who wanted a wife more like Hillary Clinton) is using his position in the ERLC to turn this once-conservative denomination toward godless liberalism.

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