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Christianity Today Uses Pretend Pronouns to Appease LGBTQ+

When Christianity Today editor, Mark Galli, endorsed Trump’s removal from office he did so after claiming he didn’t know a single Trump supporter but presumed they were all “jobless” and “uneducated.” As the publication becomes increasingly post-Christian it is steering further and further to the left.

The 8th Commandment commands us not to lie and Jesus identifies as the Truth, which is a central attribute in God’s nature. And even though Christians ought to find lies revolting, Christianity Today seems to have no problem lying about the sex and gender of human beings assigned their sex and gender by God.

In an article about John Ortberg’s alleged approval of a pedophile working in children’s ministry (a whole other story unto itself), Christianity Today repeatedly referred to Ortberg’s daughter as his “son,” lied about his name and used the wrong pronouns.

Christianity Today writes…

On yesterday, Daniel Lavery, Ortberg’s estranged son, posted a message on Twitter saying he and his wife had reported the pastor.

“Daniel Lavery” is actually Mallory, Ortberg’s daughter, not his son. Women can’t have wives by definition. The woman referred to as such is Mallory’s homosexual sin partner, not her “wife.”

CT repeatedly used the wrong pronouns, names, and titles throughout the article to appease the LGBTQ lobby, but displeasing God who said, “Thou shalt not bear false witness” and “God created them both male and female.”